Albert W. Taylor, the blue-eyed hero of the Independence Movement

The Independence Movement, which began with the declaration by 33 representatives on March 1, 1919, was a root of the Republic of Korea as stated in the Preamble of the Constitution.

With more than 7,500 people losing their lives and 45,000 being arrested, 

the nation’s most significant resistance movement left a great footprint on the world’s independence movement history beyond the Korean peninsula. 

But how did the news reach the world under the Japanese government's strict surveillance?

Taylor came across ‘the Declaration of Independence.’ by chance.

He realized that the future of the nation depended on the note. 

Taylor succeeded in sending the documents to the US, avoiding Japanese surveillance.

That is how the March First Movement was first informed to the world.

Also, Taylor revealed the brutalities of Japanese Imperialism, including the Jeam-ri Massacre. 

As we commemorate the 104th anniversary of the March First Movement, why don’t we reflect on the noble values of independence that Taylor upheld?

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