A monocline is a step-like fold in rock strata consisting of a zone of steeper dip within an otherwise horizontal or gently-dipping sequence. (b) A syncline looks like a trough. Monolith vs Monocline A monolith is a geological feature consisting of a single massive stone or rock. Source: Randa Harris (2015) CC BY-SA 3.0. view source. The beds dip away from the hinge. on surface will appear as a series of parallel rock bands elongated on the axis of fold Anticlines (Non-Plunging) 1.) (a) An anticline looks like an arch. Monocline 4. Monocline: gentle anticline-syncline pair with horizontal outer limbs Overturned syncline: one limb of syncline is overturned Overturned anticline: one limb of anticline: is overturned Overturned folds Monocline Fig. (f) A basin has the Syncline 3. PLUNGING FOLD : A fold whose axis is inclined at an angle (0