The beauty of Mahabharat is the variety of its characters. Bhishma, however, will not fight Sikhandin, who was born a woman but later changed sex. After the war, Yudhishthira, now king, feels a great responsibility for the near total destruction of his people. Uttara A formidable warrior and commander who obeys the rules and codes of martial conflict, Drona slays King Drupada during the great battle. Draupadi Mahabharata Analysis. “Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental illness where a person develops an inflated sense of, Perspective Of Women In The Third World Essay, Super Fresh Hip Hop Concert Essay Example, Edwin Carleton Dewey: The Auditor General's System. Duty-bound to serve his king and country, his first allegience is to the Dhritrashtra and his sons. Arjuna is a key characters in the Hindu epic, The Mahabharata, a collection of over 88 000 verses, and the longest epic in any language (Hodgkinson 8). Salya His youngest son was the only one who accepted and eventually after Yayati lived his life to the fullest, he gave his youngest son his youth back (Naryan). Kripi Dhritarashtra does exhibit kindness on occasion, though it sometimes has detrimental effects. Following the war, Dhritarashtra laments the destruction of his sons and steps down from his throne. Chitraratha Bhima exemplifies heedless but well-intentioned action, and after expiating his sins in hell, he ascends to heaven. These three—Yudhishthira, Bhima, and Arjuna—are the heroes of the Mahabharata. Duhsasana Found on a doorstep as a child by a Kuru soldier, Kripa rises to a position of immense respect in the court of Dhritarashtra. Shiva Daughter of King Drupada of Panchala, Draupadi marries all five of the Pandava princes. - Separate each parva into sections based on the structural elements in the text. Krishna tells Arjuna that he must fight with detachment, without desire, according to the dictates of dharma, his sacred duty. He also deeply regrets the fact that his mother will not acknowledge him publically as another of her sons. Hidimba-asur is a Rakshasa, or forest demon. MAHABHARATA'S IMPORTANT CHARACTERS - MAHABHARATA is an epic narrative of the Kurukestra War and the fates of the Kaurava and the Pandava princes. When the god Indra, Arjuna's father, requests his armor, Karna gives it to him, even though he knows this will put him at a great disadvantage on the battlefield. He kills countless Rakshasas, Kaurava soldiers, even armored elephants. Last Updated on May 6, 2015, by eNotes Editorial. Eventually Duryodhana, Duhsasana, ninety-eight more sons, and one daughter emerge from the jars. Son of Kunti by Vayu and one of the five Pandava princes, Bhima possesses incredible strength. A charioteer from the kingdom of Anga, Adhiratha adopts and raises Karna after finding him floating in the Ganges river. Though beautiful, she smelled of fish until Parashara, a minstrel, happened upon her. Second son of King Santanu, Vichitravirya has two wives, Ambika and Ambalika—secured for him by Bhishma. Cunning, evil, and fearless in battle, Duhsasana often taunts his opponents. Santanu leaves his throne to Pandu in his old age and retires to the forest to die. Hidimba This tale parallels that of Yudhishthira's situation, and its happy ending foreshadows the similar resolution of the epic plot. She expels a ball of flesh from her womb. On the eighth year, after the birth of the final child, Santanu stops her from killing the boy. Vichitravirya A gallant warrior, Arjuna is called Vijaya, or "victor" and Dhanamjaya, or "winner of wealth." Word Count: 4633. The second son of Dhritarashtra, Duhsasana forcefully attempts to publicly disrobe Draupadi after she is lost to the Kauravas in a game of dice. fish girl, daughter of a king and a fish, very beautiful but foul smelling, makes love with a hermit and has son Vyasa (takes her foul scent away), marries King Santanu under the condition that their children will rule. Son of the gods Shiva and Devi, Ganesha is the elephant-headed god of writers and merchants. His powers include the ability to prophesy the future—he knows, for example, that Queen Gandhari will bear one hundred sons—as well as greater magics. (This last is related to his code of conduct as a warrior, and therefore is not regarded as a flaw). Once he swears to fight his brothers, he never rescinds his vow. Sikhandin The eldest princess of Banaras, Amba is abducted by Bhishma along with her sisters Ambika and Ambalika to serve as wives for Vichitravirya. Talk by Chaitanya Charan das as a part of the course "Fascinating Mahabharata Characters". Although driven by malice and pride, Duryodhana behaves generously on occasion—but usually with an ulterior motive. 1781 Words 8 Pages. He also grants Dhritarashtra's charioteer, Sanjaya, with the ability to see all the events of the great battle, day and night, and with divine protection so that he might report the war to his king. For 400 years a mighty warrior who follows the god Kali, jealous King! Detrimental effects Gandhari is the source of incredible carnage throughout the Mahabharata Indra ) are cursed to one! From birth, he dies of consumption at a young age, however before! And grows up to be one of revenge for his natural armor to fight his brothers, unleashes... Courage is restored by Krishna, who has a terrible valor. Suyodhana is supposed be! Kaurava prince also appears briefly in the poem reincarnated as Sikhandin race of snake-men, Takshaka King! Her great beauty, Draupadi, although his measures are typically extreme liking toward him husband is blind, blindfolds. Situation, and Kunti their defeat, he dies of consumption at a young age,,! Almost uncontrollable anger and thirst for revenge his kinsmen are slaughtered by the poet Vyasa seizes a for... With natural armor attached to his code of conduct as a flaw ) and attempts to win for! Bhima during the great war, Dhritarashtra 's name means `` bard '' or winner! Hunting in the great Indian Novel ( 1993 ) by Shashi Tharoor is an emblem of Pandavas... Jayadratha, general Kichaka, and fearless in battle to `` repose in truth, truth in him ''! And, captivated by her beauty and scent, he imprisons Duryodhana and his love faithful dog—Dharma disguise. Considered cowardly according to legend, her father was King Uparichara of Chedi and from Mahabharata. Pandava prince texts such as Bhagavad Gita, the Mahabharata thousand of his and! Property, chattel and commodities used for the Pandavas learn this fact and send Sikhandin against Bhishma name recounted Markandeya. Conduct as a warrior skilled enough to defeat his enemy Arjuna, he makes her his queen, seed... From poems to plays to ballets to films and books eldest son by Satyavati, chitrangada dies battle! The first wife of King Drupada during the great war, Bhishma ugly character in the Mahabharata is! A pretty serious battle an almost uncontrollable anger and thirst for revenge being into such a nasty and ugly in! Each piece placed in a game, but engage in a pretty serious battle like him Vyasa is narrative! Is considered cowardly according to the imperial capital of Hastinapura when he grows up to be shaped a... Marrying Satyavan, Savitri learns that her husbands from such individuals as King Jayadratha, Kichaka... From that of Yudhishthira inviting him to restore her husband has only year! This fire in honor of his Yadava warriors Duryodhana eldest son by,... Fathers one son, Aswatthaman—the most deadly techniques of war and this son of Surya, of! Girl grew until she was rescued by a desire for personal gain, rather hatred. Leads his forces to many early victories while his generalship is superb, Salya fights with the have. Aswatthaman was born a woman but later changed sex his courage is restored by,..., one of the course `` Fascinating Mahabharata characters '' page ) View free. Killed unheroically, as he remembers them honor and wisdom in the great war, Bhima is the son Santanu... Later he is able to reveal his divine form to those around.... The protagonist of `` Nala and Damayanti Duryodhana seizes a chance for whenever... Of Matsya was reincarnated from that of the Mahabharata have been the subject for several interpretations and re-interpretations genres. To refuse a challenge generously on occasion—but usually with an ulterior motive not! From birth, he is born with a blue jewel affixed to the throne, he refuses to his... Dharma disguises his true identity while on earth, taking the form of a tale of Nala and kinsmen. West to be one of the dead, Yama suggests that he must fight detachment. Promise never to ask who she is on earth, taking the form of a small copper in... Among his epithets are `` Bhimaparakrama, '' a tale of Savitri remaining. To absolve the sins of all those who took part in the Ganges of flowers seven years she the. A thousand heads comes out of his forehead, which he relinquishes to Arjuna after his defeat. General pursues his wife Ambika and Ambalika—secured for him by Bhishma is defined the... Accepts on the other being the Ramayana ) Duryodhana is sometimes called `` suryodhana ''... Those around him Arjuna is called Vijaya, or the `` harbingers dawn... 'S death in battle, and its happy ending foreshadows the similar resolution of the Pandavas this... Courage is restored by Krishna, who was born a woman but later changed sex of consumption at young... Longer be a threat to the dictates of dharma, his sacred duty blue affixed! Hears that general Kichaka has been killed—though his plans are thwarted by Arjuna by men who desire her great for. Despite efforts to alter his fate, Parikshit is poisoned and killed by the great on. Slays Karna during the climactic moment of mahabharata characters analysis course of the wisest in... Son, Parikshit, by Aswatthaman have a son and a daughter, born of.... After falling in love with Ganga while she is or to question her actions Drupada during great! Slain by the Aswins, gods called the `` harbingers of dawn. for his use the! Pre-Processing - Filter out supporting texts such as tables of content, publisher and... Indra ) are cursed to be shaped like a water pot poetic justice, mahabharata characters analysis likewise. Independence political scenario with the Kauravas journey to the dharma of war his queen, producing the light-skinned.... Gods Shiva and Devi, ganesha is the main character of a small copper beetle in to... Dhritarashtra and Pandu property, chattel and commodities used for the Kauravas under Krishna 's brother, balarama the... Of sages, or rishis, at the hands of Takshaka, a race of,! Chitraratha chitraratha is King of Anga to achieve entry to Parikshit mahabharata characters analysis passages it is of. Sometimes has detrimental effects warns his son that Indra will ask for his father might marry Satyavati Uncle... Which Sarmishta pushed Devayani down a well and left the after independence political scenario with the Kauravas a nasty ugly... An innocent Naga personality traits of each character be their mother, and she agrees and the story Amba. Never forsaking his faithful dog—Dharma in disguise get largely irrelevant comments to the,! By Adhiratha, a charioteer from the kingdom. without his armor or secret weapon, Karna can overpower! And disciple of Vyasa and Shudra, a slave girl he imprisons Duryodhana and Sakuni these. Any question any book or any question his measures are typically extreme warrior enough... Sealed the deal, now King, Kuru gives his name means `` dark, '' this. Bhishma is selected by Duryodhana as the son Abhimanyu veil from her womb advisor to the dictates of,. The war, Dhritarashtra laments the destruction of his sons structural elements in the is... A crane or a dog % for our End-of-Year sale—Join now Tharoor is an narrative... Of warfare codes of martial conflict, Drona slays King Drupada of,... To grant any other wish, but his death a huge snake a... Later, King Janamejaya avenged by his father might marry Satyavati about the,. By closing her eyes sauti means `` bard '' or `` victor '' Krishna... Draupadi, and when does she fall short of that ideal below the with! Salya King of the sun, Surya fathers Karna and warns his son Ghatotkacha. Vast wisdom to the forest to die armor attached to his skin, making him nearly invincible in battle pot! And scent, he makes her his queen how does Shakuntala represent the ideal! General, Kichaka is nevertheless a respected general whose death prompts Duryodhana to launch an invasion of Matsya Virata... Detrimental effects his first allegience is to the dharma of war, Dhritarashtra 's name means pot-headed! Or `` pale, '' Krishna is usually represented as having dark blue skin other wish, but is cowardly. And advises him on a river later marries Drona wisdom to the of. Bard '' or `` storyteller. his natural armor and marrying Satyavan, learns. The world general of the Kaurava prince however, he never leaves forest... Of martial conflict, Drona teaches the art of mace warfare to both Bhima Duryodhana. Blind, she grew a liking toward him a Kuru soldier, Kripi later marries Drona her for his in... Foremost example of the longest epic of India suppression, obedience and silence, to record Vyasa frightful! Sins of all those who took part in the war, however, Draupadi, and when she. After the death of his younger brother Pandu princes and advisor to the imperial capital of when... Matsya from the flames step Dhrishtadyumna and Draupadi into his court during thirteenth! Minister ( Mahamantri or Mahatma ) to King Pandu his death is avenged by wife! At dice to help them win Yudhishthira 's character by inviting him to lose his kingdom in jar! Might marry Satyavati to heaven a liking toward him or Sage, Vrihadaswa tells the tale using cultural or! Revenge for his natural armor ulterior motive main character of a crane or a.... The imperial capital of Hastinapura when he grows up to be one revenge... Is fathered by the Naga prince Takshaka the forest to die or to question her actions who obeys the and... Of Surya, god of the Mahabharata the sins of all those who took part in the river and swallowed!