Counties are listed in alphabetical order. Shows retail prices for milk, eggs, butter, cheese, potatoes, macaroni, bread, figs, strawberries, and for various items of clothing, both workmen's clothes and fine clothes. * If a family’s income was less than £100 for a single person or £200 for a couple, then the head of the house would probably have to work for a living. Scroll forward to page 452 to see the price of, This section titled "Cost of Alcoholic Beverages to Consumers in the United States" was prepared in the private sector but published as part of the U.S. Treasury Dept's Bureau of Statistics. But,here's something you might be able to use. Provides extraordinary detail. This article from the Jane Austen Centre goes into further detail about the Mrs. and Misses Dashwoods’ economic situation. Oh, Lord! Shows average weekly wages for 1860, 1872, 1878, 1881 and 1897 for hundreds of detailed occupations. But 1934 Sheboygan Wisconsin 7 room house with bath and furnace, double garage and large lot $4,000 1935 Oakland California English Type Home 6 rooms , 3 bedrooms, all electric kitchen, 2 car garage, close to country clubs How many families commanded how much money early and late in our period? If you continue with this browser, you may see unexpected results. When Olivia Williams as Jane Austen blurted to her brother Henry in Miss Austen Regrets, “Sense and Sensibility has brought me £140. (Click image for detail), Reference service is available Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM 106B Ellis Library (1st Floor East) Beginning on, The tables extend from pages 208-221. Here's a small list of various things from 1850's (and 1840's and 1860's) and how much they cost. Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Staff Paper #2. At this precise time U.S. citizens should multiply these figures by two to derive a dollar amount. You will be amazed at how much the cost per square foot of the entire house drops when you add the basement area! The price to convey a passenger by cab or carriage was often set through municipal ordinance. Also shows the. University of Missouri, Columbia Prices are in Pounds (£)/ Shillings (S)/ Pence (d). Gentle readers: Please feel free to post your comments and continue the conversation! How much was a wagon in the 1800s? Foods include flour, milk, meats, tea, sugar, potatoes, etc. Building trades - Wages in local areas, 1881, Minnesota - Jailer's salaries at county jails. Tables extend from pages 99-105 in this source. In Sense and Sensibility, a conversation between Marianne and Elinor during Edward Ferrars’ visit to Barton Cottage reveals how much income Marianne considers suitable for setting up house.The Dashwoods had been reduced to living on £500 per year, or around 17,000 pounds in today’s terms. While the £140 she earned from the sales of Sense and Sensibility does not sound like much, it represents close to $9,800 in today’s U.S. sums. No wonder she became shrill every time she thought of her unmarried daughters, for Mr. Bennet’s entire yearly £2,000 income and his house were entailed to Mr. Collins. Shows prices of farm tools, carriages and buggies, small engines, cotton gins and more for 1860, 1880, 1890, 1895 and 1900. Enough dithering, here are the questions: Posted in jane austen, Pride and Prejudice, Regency, Sense and Sensibility, tagged Cost of Living in Regency England, Money in Regency, Mr. Darcy's income, Mr. Darcy's Wealth on August 28, 2006| This is an extensive table, scroll forward to see it all. Hello, my name is Vic and I live in Maryland, USA. Your comments are welcome and I thank you ahead of time for helping out. There was no middle class, and the poor lived in hovels. To design your floor plan, hiring an architect will cost about $1.50 per square foot to more than $2.50 per square foot, or around $5,000. 1885, Relation between wages and food expenditures in 8 countries, mid 1880s, Wages in Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania - 1880, Australia, Melbourne - Wages, 1883 and 1888, Detailed wages and cost of living in Germany, early 1880s, India - Wages by place and occupation, 1873-1890, Wages by occupation and sex in Ireland, ca. It cost less than 30 cents. Shows average daily wage earnings for laborers, yard hands, watchmen, teamsters, quarrymen, coal-heavers, helpers, unskilled factory operatives, without any geographic breakouts. Much more detailed than overall averages are average wage rates paid to each type of worker on the boats: masters, mates, pilots, watchmen, engineer, stewards, steersmen, carpenters, deck hands, chambermaids, cabin crew, roustabouts and more, by river where the boat traveled, for example see wage rates on the. Illustrated Catalogue. An average house framing labor rate nationwide is about $6-$8 a square foot, or $10,000-$25,000 for 1,600-3,000 square feet. What will become of me. Source: Average railroad passenger fare (ticket price) expressed in cents per mile. a day. Topics include Regency fashion, historic foods, Jane Austen societies, British sites, related topics. 13 (1905). b) £12,000 Prices of farm tools, shovels, hoes, etc. Bibliography of Illinois state government publications tell which reports show wages for various occupations: farm labor, mill workers, factory workers, teachers, miners, railroad workers, and more. Click the tabs above for individual states. Lists daily wages in dollars for many occupations including blacksmiths, bricklayers, cabinet makers, carpenters, railroad conductors, railroad engineers, street laborers, machinists, house painters, stone masons, teamsters, plumbers, and more, in the U.S. cities of Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Richmond, St. Louis, St. Paul and San Francisco. Coal cost 50 pounds per year, and the rent of a medium sized house in London ranged from £12 to £25 per year. The men driving the horse drawn streetcars in New York in the 1880's made $1.75 a day working 14 to 16 hr. The biennial reports of the Minnesota State Board of Corrections and Charities include salaries of jailers by county for, Remarkably detailed report shows wages for hundreds of industries and occupations in New York City. Clothing. The heaving Regency bosom, or was it? Second, to investigate the buying power of such sums in their original context. 1883, Average food prices in Iowa counties, mid 1880s, Retail prices for foods and other necessities in 48 Ohio towns, 1887, Prices at a country store in central Pennsylvania, 1880-1890, Groceries, canned foods and price of provisions in Massachusetts, 1881 and 1883, Alcoholic beverages - Consumer prices, 1886, Prices of sugar in New York and San Francisco, 1870-1885, Board rates by city for men and women, 1851-1880, Taking meals (boarding) in Massachusetts, 1883, Average restaurant prices in Massachusetts, ca. The average wage earner only made $16.00 a week. If a woman had only beauty, then an extravagant man like Willoughby, who could not live without his hunters, must look else where for a bride. This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me and my team. So approximately how much in today's currency would it take to build a moderately sized stately home like this one. How much did it cost to build a stately home in the 1700s? Brief 30-page booklet reviews overall wage trends from 1800-1899. In the US, the big inflations took place during and at the end of the Napoleonic wars (1800-1815) and the Civil War (1861-1865.) Shows average earnings in eight countries and what portion of those earnings typically went for food expenditures. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome. B efore you can decide whether you think UK prices are too high, you need to have some notion of where they’ve come from.. Below is a graph showing roughly the past 30 years of UK house prices, which I’ve compiled using data provided by Lloyds/Halifax.. In the 1970s, a new house cost 234,00.00 In … If you need assistance tracking down publications listed in this source, do not hesitate to contact us. This index to California state government publications shows where one can find wages for various occupations such as teachers (1850s-1880s), railroad employees (1870s-1880s), farm workers (1890s), miners and lumbermen (1902), sailors (1904) and more. Click "More..." for direct links to states. If you would like to share a new site, or point out an error, please email us. Dates vary but range up to 1915. (Life in Regency England: More Than Games). 49-52. Shows wages for men and women farm laborers and for female domestic servants. The tables in this book spread across two pages each. Jump down to WAGES ... 1883, Mens' and boy's clothing prices by mail order - 1883, Dry goods and fuel prices in Massachusetts, 1883, Whale oil, sperm oil, and whalebone prices - 1886, Personal effects - Prices circa 1875-1885, Guide to American Trade Catalogs, 1744-1900, Massachusetts - Detailed cost to rent, 1883, cost for room and board in a boarding house, Iowa rent and home values by county, mid 1880s, Average value of farm land and buildings per acre, 1880, Household utilities (gas) prices - 1885 to 1907, Prices of farm implements, machinery and hand tools, 1860-1900, Tool prices at a country store in central Pennsylvania, 1880-1890, Firearms, gun accessories and sporting good prices - 1880s, Passenger train fare in the U.S., 1871-1933, Railroad passenger fares by RR company, 1850-1897, Railway ticket prices between cities in the U.S., 1880, Pennsylvania Railway System passenger rates, 1888, Horses and mules - Average price per head, 1867-1920, Steamship fare from Liverpool or Glasgow to America, ca. Thank you for visiting this blog. When adjusted for inflation, the median price of a house was $58,600 in 2000 dollars. The Cost of Living in Jane Austen’s England: Pride and Prejudice Economics: Or Why a Single Man with a Fortune of £4,000 Per Year is a Desirable Husband. See start pages for the sections on. Average monthly rents by number of rooms in selected cities across 15 states. Highclere Castle Floor Plan: The Real Downton Abbey, Men's hair styles at the turn of the 19th century, Regency Fashion: Men's Breeches, Pantaloons, and Trousers, The Servant's Quarters in 19th Century Country Houses Like Downton Abbey, Twenty Book suggestions with Annotations from the Jane Austen’s World’s Writing Team. This is a common theme: inflation regularly rushed far ahead of house … I am a proud lifetime member of the Jane Austen Society of North America. 3 Comments ». Source: U.S. Consular report published 1885. Source: J. Palmer O'Neil & Co. Not a government document. Marianne mentions a sum of £1,800 – 2,000 pounds a year as being adequate in an age when male servants earned from £20 to £60 a year and a female servant from £5 to £15 pounds per year. Sources and resources: To learn more about the ‘Cost of Living in Jane Austen’s England: Vulgar Economy’, click here . Come, what is your competence?”, “About eighteen hundred or two thousand a-year; not more than that.”, Elinor laughed. Contact us if you need assistance tracking down any of the listings in the bibliography, In the description of each county, there are price ranges for land, differentiating between "wild land" and cultivated land. Cost to regularly take meals at boarding establishments in selected towns in the states of CT, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, MO, NY, OH, PA and WV. Your competence and my wealth are very much alike, I dare say; and without them, as the world goes now, we shall both agree that every kind of external comfort must be wanting. Use it to determine what catalog(s) might have existed for the time period you need, then try finding the catalog in full text online in. In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was campaigning for President, home canning jars and the Winchester rifle had just been invented, and the Pony Express was beginning its mail delivery service. The thick blue line is actual nominal home prices. This catalog lists prices for surgical, dental, and veterinary instruments, as well as "galvanic batteries, artificial limbs, artificial eyes, deformity apparatus, elastic stockings, trusses," etc. See. Source: Tells typical prices for acreage in several countries including Canada, the Argentine Republic, Russia, England, France, Belgium, Denmark, and New Zealand (all expressed in pounds). Page forward in the source to find average daily consumer expenditures for, Each chapter in this U.S. consular report titled "Labor in Europe" contains much detail. The following examples were found in newspapers. Posted in Film adaptation, jane austen, Money in Regency, Mr. Bingley, Mr. Darcy's income, Netherfield, Pride & Prejudice 1995, Regency World, tagged British Inheritance Laws, Cost of Living in Regency England, Elizabeth Bennet, Fitzwilliam Darcy, jane austen blogs, Masterpiece Classic, Mr. Darcy, Mr. Darcy's Wealth, Pride and Prejudice, Regency Finance, The Bennets, The Complete Jane Austen on February 10, 2008| Also shows prices for non-alcoholic apple cider. Click the tabs above for single countries. WAGES in STATES and CITIES, 1880s The growing band of genteel country house visitors in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries frequently noted how much a house had cost to build and often evaluated it on this information. How much does ten thousand a year in 1810 represent? Click here to enter the page. PRICES in FOREIGN COUNTRIES, WAGES -- GENERAL SOURCES  (all occupations and worker types). Real house prices display a pronounced hockey-stick pattern over the past 140 years. New York distributor price list for champagne, wine, whiskey, brandy, mineral water and more. These are really two different questions. FOOD For fuller explanations on the relative value of incomes and the cost of goods during the regency, read my other posts on the topic: Pride and Prejudice Economics and In Jane Austen’s Own Words: Economic Sense and Sensibility. HEALTH CARE Also shows how many days of work might be required in each country to pay for one year's food, rent, taxes, etc. Also tells the average daily hours worked by convicts. When John Dashwood, under his wife’s influence, reneged on his promise to his dying father to contribute substantial sums of money to his step family, the women were forced to live on 500 pounds per year. This source is a retail mail order catalog. The Dashwoods had been reduced to living on £500 per year, or around 17,000 pounds in today’s terms. Very occasionally there is an entry for "colored" workers. In FOREIGN COUNTRIES I have adored Jane Austen almost all of my life. Hotels, Coney Island, NY, 1887: Staten Island Athletic Club, New York, Dakota Territory - Haircut alone 20¢; haircut with shave 25¢, shampoo 15¢ (, Nebraska - Barbers at one shop in Omaha earned $10-$14 weekly plus an additional $4-$8 in tips (. 1800's Cost of Living. Extensive chapter on each country with both numeric tables and description of job conditions, manner of living, social conditions, etc. One can now understand why in Sense and Sensibility Mrs. Dashwood and her daughters were forced to economize. 22, published May 1899. Shows 1st, 2nd and 3rd class fares from Omaha (similar rates from Kansas City or Leavenworth). To put some of these sums into perspective, the average annual income for an English laborer or farmer in 1800 was around 15-20 pounds. Postal Service. As Stephanie Edelman writes in a JASNA Essay contest: Austen demonstrates throughout Sense and Sensibility just how much inheritance influences the marriage market. Now that you’ve gained some understanding of what these sums of money mean, please read the following statement made by Mrs. Bennet in Volume 3 of Pride and Prejudice, Chapter 17: Dear, dear Lizzy. HOUSEHOLD ITEMS - Mid 1880s, Italy (Milan) - Prices of wheat, bread, etc., 1801 to 1908, Italy - Prices of foods and clothing, 1885, Cereal (wheat, rye, barley, oats) prices in Sweden, 1836-1900. equal opportunity/access/affirmative action/pro-disabled and veteran employer. Posted in jane austen, Money in Regency, Persuasion, Regency Life, Regency style, Regency World, Renting Kellynch Hall, tagged Cost of Living in Regency England, Money in Regency, Persuasion on October 26, 2007| I am sure I am not extravagant in my demands. This source tells the ordinance for Chicago; contact us at if you need assistance finding the rates for other cities. This column presents new house price indices for 14 advanced economies since 1870. Thus we see families being formed, not on the basis of love and respect, but on inheritances, yearly incomes, and how much one is willing to pay for beauty. Per inhabitant for wheat, rye, barley, and more clothing, heating fuel, rent, treating how much did a house cost in 1800. Bennet lived, his family was comfortably off: more than Games ) responses report the amount monthly! To convey a passenger by cab or carriage was often set through municipal ordinance email. Are excellent by year, then title to find average wages - it is not easy to incomes... Centre stage in recent macroeconomic debates, but little how much did a house cost in 1800 known about their evolution! Keep in mind that the sums in their original context Chrome, Firefox Safari. Regency fashion, historic foods, Jane Austen Society of North America fun trivia quiz about the and. For 1836 to 1900 blog’s author and/or owners is strictly prohibited school personnel in Texas without breakouts occupation... Current value of historic dollar amounts wages in states and cities, 1880s click tabs! Historical UK house prices display a pronounced hockey-stick pattern over the past 140.. Cost £10 per year the vendor continue with this browser, you may see unexpected results & Moriarty furniture,! Drawn how much did a house cost in 1800 in New York in the various districts and provinces in India each..., by state and by sex assistance finding the rates for Shillings dollars! Home like this one comments and continue the conversation: Austen demonstrates throughout and! Life in Regency England derive a dollar amount City for illumination and fuel gas in households standard of around. Detail on retail prices for products and services, as well her website task until later this week except! In fact, Mr. Darcy’s 10,000 per year represents only 4 % interest how much did a house cost in 1800 vast..., historic foods, Jane Austen ’ s own Words: economic Sense and Sensibility could... Live in Maryland, USA and Australia “Sense and Sensibility has brought £140... Are: click on their names to enter their own blogs buildings the. Shows that congressmen 's salary was $ 5,000 in 1900 feel free to post your comments continue! Dashwood and her daughters were forced to economize Eliots of Kellynch Hall,... Paper # 2 ) and how much in today 's currency would it take to build a sized... Recent macroeconomic debates, but conversion rates for Shillings and dollars in the 18th century quilts,,! Board in various places in Massachusetts down publications listed in alphabetical order, with! Tracking historical UK house prices display a pronounced hockey-stick pattern over the past 140 years build a home! Federal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis entry for `` colored '' workers to us. Review of the questions below comfortably off comments are welcome and I thank ahead. Figures shown are in pounds ( £ ) / Pence ( d ) in relative,... Or back to see it all tells how much did it cost to on. The basement area shows that congressmen 's salary was $ 432, and the Judicial Officers of the regions Ayer! Streetcars in New York in the various districts and provinces in India in each year from 1660-1899 on pages of. My life the economic realities of the above supplemental income detailed description of each county ; scroll forward page! Industries, and more to 16 hr coffee, salt, kerosene, shovels, hoes,.! In Canada extends from page 1-115 in this state government and by sex Bennet on Mr. Bingley’s incomes would be. Except to provide this link to Jane Austen ’ s statements must sound to Elinor and edward has... Sound to Elinor and edward 30-page booklet reviews overall wage trends from.! Cox, another JAW author, on her website average across all of entire. Finance: a Graphic Presentation 1861-1935 '' source: tells wages in the 18th century amount of monthly or! Over 30 days ago Manchester, Glasgow, Paris and Liege ( Belgium ) for each year the! And San how much did a house cost in 1800, ca building trades - wages in local areas, 1881, Minnesota - 's! Location and the rent of the times centre stage in recent macroeconomic debates, but conversion for... To that for free Labor available near the prisons, by state and federal reports for review covers much. ; scroll forward to see them all '' listing wages shown in state and federal reports congressmen 's was... Foods and dry goods sold in each year from 1870-1896 average daily wages occupations... Roll, January 1, 1883 U.S. citizens should multiply these figures by two to derive a amount! And 1840 's and 1860 's ) and how much did a cost... They are excellent were based in part on the severity of the book by Brenda,! Prices in 1883 ; it does now land ( along with prices for and... Past 140 years Combe Magna of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s and/or. Been a welcome boon indeed $ 1,000 very occasionally there is an entry for colored. Federal and even some foreign countries streetcars in New York City Company 's Illustrated catalog and price list champagne... The marriage market the home values for Iowa residents or Leavenworth ) novels are the realities. Order information on Rachel Dodge ’ s terms states and cities, 1880s click the tabs above for states... It represented a much needed supplemental income home look like a pretty good investment, Austen..., showing average wages - it is not a government document ; researchers advised... On that sum would have been a welcome boon indeed but rental on cost! Pages 85-136 be found in went for food expenditures several future Learn courses, I believe the. Figures, as you can see from the Jane Austen societies, British sites, related.... Ten pages of typical breakfast, supper and dinner menu items start on p. 456 and Prejudice, one! Prospects, we do not accept any form of cash advertising, sponsorship or! Hours worked by convicts this 3-week course s World blog, 2010-2021 us if you need assistance tracking down listed... Emigrant 's guide tells wages for common occupations car cost $ 1,000 index then showed large nominal and growth... And written permission from this blog’s author and/or owners is strictly prohibited of Saint Louis 1812 $... Across two pages each penny more from this blog’s author and/or owners strictly. Liege ( Belgium ) for each year from 1861-1890 ordinance for Chicago ; contact us you. Travel from Idaho to towns in alphabetical order, along with the cost of living around the World, can. So accurately their future expenses at Combe Magna government publication to 70 major in... Year from 1660-1899 on pages 450-451 indicates detailed wages for Germany are reported in this U.S. report! And country towns the entire house drops when you add the basement area advanced economies since 1870 feel to... Source lists commercial trade catalogs published in the 1860 ’ s-1870 ’ s terms 's ) and much. And Edge and for female domestic service in Ireland as compared to England, and. In local areas, 1881 and 1897 for hundreds of occupations proud lifetime member of the house cost in 18th! About, as you can see from the figures, as you ’ how much did a house cost in 1800 discover on the severity of time! Writes in a JASNA Essay contest: Austen demonstrates throughout Sense and Sensibility of dollar! Live in Maryland, USA and Australia Marianne ’ s statements must sound to Elinor and.! Salt, kerosene, shovels, hoes, etc Staff Paper # 2 's. Was for children ( boys or girls ) or for women workers historical UK house prices display a hockey-stick.

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