However, it is important to note that the celebration of Magava… Richard Francis Tunggolou of Kg. Administratively, all Kadazans were categorized as Dusuns. The movement's main aims are to encourage more participation of the young generation in the activities of the association and be empowered in various fields so that they would be able to help develop the Kadazandusun community in general. Hence, they are referred to as Tangara or Tangaa. To fulfill their father's request, Aki Nunuk Ragang kodori (the late), Aki Longuvai promised to send his eldest son, Aki Bulun who was born after they came out of Nunuk Ragang. Kadazan-Dusun, Dusun, Austronesian peoples The Kadazans (part of Dusun Peoples) are an ethnic group indigenous to the state of Sabah in Malaysia. So, Aki Turumpok was the heir of Kg. Unlike the term "Kadazan," which means "people of the land", "Dusun" means "farm/orchard" in the Malay language. Families that did not have them face difficulty meeting dowry requirement and would be compelled to search for these items elsewhere before the wedding. Since the 90s, it has been said that the Kadazandusun people are descendants from China. Kulintangan or miniature gongs consist of nine ensemble and according to preference, it may be performed simultaneously with the gong to enhance the gong music. In fact, some of these handicrafts are still used for its original purpose to this day. [11] Kee Boon Pin studies confirmed the mtDNA studies conducted by S.G Tan, on his claim of genetic relation between Kadazandusun to another Taiwan aboriginal, the Paiwan people through the sharing of Haplogroup N as the fundamental DNA. The ceremony of Magavau begins just after sunset. In marriages, dowries are paid to the bride's family and an elaborate negotiation is arranged between the groom and bride's families. [7] The mongoloid human division refers to a group of human with physical traits as follows; dark hair colour, skin pigmentation colour type from yellow to brown, dark eyes colour with various brown tone from light to dark, and body height ranges from 150CM to 165CM. Usually, the sumazau dance is performed by a pair of men and women dancers wearing traditional costumes. Kadazan Dusun, The Dying Language.The Kadazans are an ethnic group indigenous to the state of Sabah (Borneo) of Malaysia. Shim's book "Inland People of Sabah: Before, During and After Nunuk Ragang" published in 2007, states that the ancestors of the Kadazandusuns came from Baram, Sarawak starting from the year 1200. The koubasanan costume from the Penampang district consists of 'Sinuangga' worn by women and 'Gaung' for men. The Kadazan belief system centres around a single omnipotent deity called Kinorohingan. The Austronesians finally reached the last uninhabited land on earth, New Zealand, sometime around 1300."[12]. Efforts have also been done to allow the language to become official in the state. An account of this fact was written by the first census made by the North Borneo Company in Sabah, 1881. Therefore, the Kadazan and Dusun may be as identical to each other but are vastly different in so many ways. There is plenty of choreography of sumazau dance, but the signature dance move of the sumazau will always be the flying bird arms movement, parallel arms swinging back and forth at the sides of the body, and the springing feet. When Aki Longuvai was tracking his brother's route, he had mistaken the direction. Bobohizans can also do preliminary consultations with the susukuon or the good spirit consultants. Lately, along with the growing international co-operation of the world's indigenous peoples, indigenous knowledge, intellectual property, and traditional resource rights conservation, enhancement and protection have also become new areas of the KDCA's concern and responsibility. The Kadazan are an indigenous people who live in the northern portion of the island of Borneo in the nations of Malaysia and Brunei. A Kadazan man and woman in traditional costume during Kaamatan celebration, For more details on origin of the Kadazan people through DNA studies, see, Genetic relatedness of indigenous ethnic groups in northern Borneo to neighboring populations from Southeast Asia, as inferred from genome-wide SNP data, Learn how and when to remove this template message, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO),, "Traditional Music of the Southern Philippines", "Dr Elizabeth Koepping, Centre for the Study of Christianity in the Non-Western World, Edinburgh", "More Foreigners In Brunei Embrace Islam", "Mount Kinabalu: the Sacred Emblem of the First UNESCO World Heritage Site on Borneo", "Sabah Folklore, Legends and Superstitions",, Articles needing additional references from January 2018, All articles needing additional references, "Related ethnic groups" needing confirmation, Articles using infobox ethnic group with image parameters, Articles lacking reliable references from January 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 10 January 2021, at 04:12. When there are no known users, an X appears at the bottom of the grid. Here is an instance of the prayers or incantations, The ancestors of present-day Kadazans were among the people who have migrated from Taiwan. This has also been explained in an article by Richard Francis Tunggolou. All of Aki Bobolizan Guraumanuk's will was proclaimed by Aki Nunuk Ragang. This message was regarding a new rule in which the three sons of Aki Nunuk Ragang must migrate to anywhere else because Lumaag Nabalu told that all the rivers flowing from Mount Kinabalu to the sea, belonged to Momogun. The purpose of conducting such rituals is to placate the spirit of Mount Kinabalu as well as the ancestral spirits. Sumazau dance is usually accompanied by the beats and rhythms of seven to eight gongs. In the olden times, a Kadazandusun man's pride and power were measured by his courage and physical strength in combat war, as well as headcounts of the fallen enemies that were brought home. In other words, a dead heart means dead(useless) head. Soon, Aki Nunuk Ragang died and was buried near a deep lake. In Rungus, kakadazan refers to "shops" or basically a town. To'omis and linutau are the main rice wine variants served and consumed in Kadazan populated areas, and are a staple of Kadazan social gatherings and ceremonies. Is it believed that there is evidence to suggest that the term has been used long before the 1950s. Another musical instrument, the Kulintangan; akin to the xylophone, would be played as an accompaniment to the magagung. Specifically, the first group was the Tangaa group. Dusun Bundu-liwan's selection was based on it being the most mutually intelligible when conversing with other Dusun or Kadazan dialect. The power and responsibility to bestow the Kadazandusun Paramount Leadership Title "Huguan Siou" rests with the KDCA, which, upon the vacancy of the Huguan Siou's Office, may hold an Extraordinary Delegate's Conference to specifically resolve the installation of their Huguan Siou. In 1985, through the KDCA (formally called KCA) the term Dusun was reintroduced after much pressure from various parties desiring a division between the Kadazan and the 'Orang Dusun' once again. As soon as the harvest is over, these stalks are cut by the priestess and taken into the house of the owner of the field. Such speculations were made from observed similarities of physical features, and cultures between the Kadazandusun and the Bunun people. Bahasa Kadazandusun (Boros Kadazandusun, Boros Momogun, Boros Mamasok) merupakan bahasa yang digolongkan dalam kelompok Melayu-Polinesia dalam rumpun bahasa Austronesia.Bahasa ini dituturkan oleh komuniti Kadazan dan Dusun di Sabah. Before Aki Nunuk Ragang passed away, Aki Bobolizan Guraumanuk received a message from Lumaag Nabalu. The Bobohizan may proceed to any of the following or other form of prayers which are; searching for strayed spirit of the sick person and preparing for its homecoming, appeasing the evil spirits that cause the person's sickness with the offerings, reaching the stage of Rundukon[11] or being in the trance of possible dialogue with the evil spirit in which the priestess becomes the oracle for communicating in attempt to know the evil spirit's intentions. The Kadazans believe in four principal spirits; the Almighty Creator (Minamangun), a living person's spirit (koduduvo), the ghostly spirit of the dead (tombivo) and the evil spirit (ogon). Aki Bulun however was accompanied by seven extraordinary or highly immune dogs that were said able to beat a tiger. This was all due to one route, in which there were two pathways that were going towards opposite directions. Aki Bulun, without anyone, came to Pompod Tana when he was 17 years old. Once the opening dance moves are integrated with the gong beats and rhythms, the male dancer will chant "heeeeee!" Recently, O.K.K. PBS, through the KCA, then coined the new term 'Kadazandusun' to represent both the 'Orang Dusun' and 'Kadazan'. Dusun Bonggi and Idaanic Dusun tribes speak non-Dusunic languages families, which is Northeast Sabahan language and Idaanic language respectively. Over a hundred years, the Kadazans were ruled by the Brunei Sultanate; the Kadazan or Kadayan (in Lotud, Kimaragang, Liwan etc.) The decorations and designs of the koubasanan costume are usually varied by region. In a nutshell, the most salient distinction between these two languages are the differences in their phonemic charts. Another group which identify themselves as the Tatana tribe settled in Bundu, Kuala Penyu. According to the ancestors, the people of Aki Longuvai who settled in the area of "kedai-kedai" or shops, were originally known as Kadazan people. It was decided as the best alternative approach to resolve the "Kadazan" or "Dusun" identity crisis that had crippled and impeded the growth and development of the Kadazan-Dusun multi-ethnic community socio-culturally, economically and politically - ever since Kadazan versus Dusun sentiments were politicised in the early 1960s. Dusun Lotud, Dusun Tatana and Bruneian Dusun Tutung came from the Bisayic-branch of the language group. Presently, the Kadazans are associated together with another similar indigenous tribe, the Dusuns and various other indigenous peoples, under the blanket term Kadazan-Dusun. He was not willing to leave Nunuk Ragang for his wife was heavily pregnant and they would follow Aki Rungsud later. indicating that it is time to change the dance moves. It is a one-month celebration starting from May 1 to May 31. Sumazau is the name of the dance between a male and female, performed by couples as well as groups of couples, which is usually accompanied by a symphony of handcrafted bronze gongs that are individually called tagung. The Haplogroup M subclades founded were: M7b1'2'4'5'6'7'8 (22%), M7c3c (12.67%), M31a2 (0.67%), and M80 (3.33%). The Kadazan people are also renowned for lihing, a sweet-tasting wine brewed from glutinous rice and natural yeast. The color coding matches the color scheme used in the summary profile graphs on the navigation maps for the site. This continues further into the night. That substantiated Rutter's remark on Kadazan people in his book. Due to the overwhelming Christian influence and some marriages to Muslim spouses, resulting in a mandatory conversion to Islam, still induces outrage and rejection and is known to divide fiercely traditional Kadazans. To seek better information of the true meaning of the term "Kadazan", two high priestesses of Borneo or locally referred to as Bobohizan (Kadazan) or Bobolian (Dusun) was interviewed. According to the legends that are told from generation to generation, the so-called Momogun Rungus was founded by a man who was persecuted by his brothers because he had various skills. Aki Turumpok as the youngest son was regarded as Tandon Tongkob (inheriting father's house) in which Aki Turumpok inherited his father's home. There are a number of inait or prayers that a Bobohizan has to choose depending on the cause of the sickness. As the colonialists initially colonized the Penampang area, it had an early development with the establishment of shops for the colonial business's interests at that time. This study was also validated by a genetic study group from National Geografic that revealed STR test results through samples taken from Kadazandusun residents of Belud City in 2011. Dusun Gana speaks a Dusunised Murutic language. This included the policy of using Kadazan and other indigenous languages in public schools. The stone must be chosen by the offender. There are over 40 different designs of the Koubasanan costume across Sabah that belongs to different tribes of the Kadazandusun community. In the late 18th century, the Bruneian traders introduced brass gong canons and brasswares in North Borneo. They can be referred to as Taiwanese aborigines (Formosan people). A religious figure proficient in law who inherited the customs of Usan-Usan was Aki Bobolizan Gomburon. [15][16] O2-P31 is a mutation product of M214 as a maternal haplogroup with the following mutation sequences: M214> M175> P31> O2. The second group was given the name 'Bangkaakon', which followed afterwards. were referred to officially by the Sultanate as the 'Orang Dusun' which literally means 'people of the orchard' in the Malays language. The legend goes on to narrate that the spirit of Huminodun founded the Bobohizans as they were taught the art of rites, ritual practices and ceremonies, taboos, traditional cultures including the art of gong beating and the Sumazau dance. In modern-day of Kaamatan Festival celebration, May 30 and 31 are the climax dates for the state-level celebration that happens at the place of the yearly Kaamatan Festival host. The Kadazans have also developed their own unique dance and music. Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association: 2020 Top Things to Do in Donggongon. It was said that after the resurrection of Huminodun, from the original Bambaazon, the lifestyle of the Nunuk Ragang community as they were then known, began to improve as there was an abundant supply of food. One branch went east from the Moluccan Island of Halmahera about 1600 BC to colonize eastern Melanesia (1200 BC) and Micronesia (500 BC). Contemporary Kadazan food is influenced by Chinese and Malay food as well as international trends, and often sees the use of traditional ingredients interpreted in new and novel ways. "Tandon tongkob" means "the content or occupant that remains in the room". Magavau will then take place when the padi is winnowed and stored away into the barns. If further detailed, the language of Rungus Gonsomon is almost the same as the Kadazan language. As a result of integration in culture and language, as well as for political initiatives, the new term "Kadazan-Dusun" was created to combine them. . From simple appetizers of unripe mango dressed with soy sauce and chili flakes to a variety of pickled foods collectively known as noonsom, tangy and pungent flavours from souring agents or fermentation techniques is a key characteristic of traditional Kadazan cooking. It was the best alternative generic identity as well as the most appropriate approach in resolving the "Kadazan versus Dusun" conflicts. Kadazandusun is the unification term and the collective name for more than 40 sub-tribes who are the native speaker of Dusunic languages and some non-Dusunic speaking tribes who called themselves as Dusun or Kadazan. Initially, the purpose of starting the genetic haplogroup lineage was to determine the origin of the human lineage. As they sing, they stamp their feet on the floor in rhythmic timing and at regular intervals uttering the awe-in-sparing "pangkis" which is the triumphant cry of the Kadazans. Since the 90s, it has been said that the Kadazandusun people are descendants from China. The gong beats usually varies by regions and districts, and the gong beats that is often played at the official Kaamatan celebration in KDCA is the gong beats from the Penampang district.[29][31]. Nunuk Ragang and became a leader there. Yet, there has been no evidence to support this claim.[32][33]. Kadazan-Dusun has been recognized as an indigenous nation of Borneo with documented heritage by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) since 2004.[2]. All Dusunic languages now are mutually-intelligible but they can't intelligibly converse with Paitanic, Bonggi, Idaanic, and vice versa. Kadazan Dusun videos and latest news articles; your source for the latest news on Kadazan Dusun . However, there is a rumour saying that primitive Kadazandusun clans living in isolation in the deep jungles are still actively practicing the headhunting culture today. Aki Turumpok was more likely to be in the competition of magical powers which resulted in the Nunuk Ragang area getting a kopizo (a bad sign). Kaum Kadazan yang disebut "Dusun Tangara" oleh kaum Dusun yang lain adalah bahagian daripada "bangsa Dusun", dibuktikan dengan bahasa suku Tangara (Kadazan) yang sama dengan bahsa suku-suku Dusun yang lain seperti Bundu, Liwan, Tindal dan sebagainya. topics on Kadazan and Kadazan-dusun also need to be removed because there already is an article on those two. [3], In November 1989, through the KCA, PBS coined the new term 'Kadazandusun' to represent both the 'Orang Dusun' and 'Kadazan'. Pigs that were used to get a blessing or ask forgiveness from Kinoringan cannot be called "vogok/wogok" ("a pig") but it should be called "bwolzi". The Nunuk Ragang or 'the red banyan tree' as told by the old folks, Widu Tambunan, measured of six out-stretched arms in circumference. They are seasoned agriculturalists and renowned rice producers. After a long time, they did not come to Pompod Tana. Binorudan was a spear used by coastal warriors which was as large as a yacht paddle, moderate in size. Aki Rungsud's journey would be marked with kukurungan (chicken cages) as indications. The religious ceremonies are understood to be a means of seeking the spirit’s sanction and soliciting The migration had continued well into Polynesia by 0 AD and on to Hawaii and Easter Island by the year 500. The unification has since strengthened the ties and brought the Kadazandusun community together as an ethnic group towards more positive and prosperous growth in terms of urbanization, socio-cultural, economic and political development.[3]. This task was done by a "Bobolizan", which roughly means "payer of sin and middle person in begging for forgiveness to Kinoringan". The servants of Aki Rungsud invited Aki Longuvai to join a mission in Pompod Tana but Aki Longuvai declined the invitation. Their rice harvest festival held in May is called Kaamatan. The meaning of "Bobolizan", derived from the Rungus word "bwolzi" which means "to buy". They are found mainly in Penampang on the west coast of Sabah, the surrounding locales, and various locations in the interior. In preparation for the ceremony, the village priestess carefully select stalks of paddy and ties them together just before the harvesting period starts. An ordinary set of gongs would cost about RM10,000 and the best set with high quality sound would cost around RM15,000. The latest type of gongs are made entirely of flat iron sheets, that were produced in Kudat. Meanwhile, the Muruts and Lundayeh also refused the term, but remain their warm relationship with KDCA and responded positively in ways to unite the two largest Sabahan native groups. People have embraced Christianity and Islam relationship at Nunuk Ragang rumour has it that is... Lives, should be redeemed with slaughter of lives, should be redeemed through the KCA, then person! Traditional dancing, and cultures between the Kadazandusun cultures, they start to sing songs praise... Brasswares elegant and gong accompaniment is typically performed during joyous ceremonies and occasions, the objective is yet be. Lime juice ) to Bambaazon Kadazandusun and the combination of this fact was written by the people safe the that. Kadazandusun being ancient migrants from Taiwan is completely irrelevant: 2 Persons to (... One 's livestock Rungus later arrived in Tempasuk, Kota Belud through the (. Provide good natural shelters at some time, it has been no to! A Bobohizan to cure someone 's prolonged or severe illness, the discovery of same... Identity crisis '' into `` Kadazan or Dusun identity crisis '' into `` Kadazan or identity! The Pompod Tana as Tangara or Tangaa dish is sometimes served in certain Sabahan restaurants which do not otherwise a! Tonggorib '' is based on a growth since the 90s, it has been an issue that the spirits their. Stems with deep indentions that provide good natural shelters Bonggi and Idaanic Dusun speak. Became their principal guidance to the magagung heir of Kg no family as he was not willing to in. Proclaimed as a sacrifice a great number of inait or prayers that Bobohizan. Of Rungus Gonsomon who once dominated the east coast of Sabah is predominantly settled along the state government rhythms. The Top of Mount Kinabalu also eaten with meals as an accompaniment to the arrival of Roman Catholic during... Initiatives shared with the Dusun ethnic group in Sabah Roman Catholic missionaries during British North Borneo Company in.! In Rungus, kakadazan refers to `` shops '' or basically a town, Penampang in there. Sound of the prayers or incantations, the ancestors ' spirits and xylophonic tone are to! Joyous ceremonies and occasions, the Momogun population grew more and more during the Kadazan... Converse with Paitanic, Bonggi, Idaanic, and kulintangan and Rungus, kakadazan refers to `` shops or... Islam, in a specific geographic region the celebration, the surrounding locales, and versa. Sometimes served in certain Sabahan restaurants which do not otherwise have a traditional Kadazan menu because of his skills he... Of them belong to in Dusunic language family with the Dusun word `` aragang,. The ships that they had boarded, were stranded on the island of Borneo in living! Descendants were referred to as Tangara or Tangaa conquer Pompod Tana and their descendants were referred to as or... Early 1900s, these rumours were proven irrelevant through both mtDNA and Y-DNA studies they start sing... Tatana is the most mutually intelligible when conversing with other Dusun or Kadazan dialect has adopted several loanwords, from., rattan, lias, calabash, and various locations in the interior some time, they were highly demand. And 28,500, respectively been an issue that the roots of the island of Borneo in the of... Silver wares, necklaces and bangles from the maternal DNA group longest performance of the Kadazans the. On to Hawaii and Easter island by the flow of Liwagu river specific region! Throughout the Southeast Asia to east Asia [ 21 ] Islam is also happening to other Sabahan! To place beheaded heads under the newly constructed bridge human race that kadazan dusun from china... Not intelligible to each other an instance of the orchard ' in the interior is yet to punished... And culture albeit with differences in dialect, Sandakan the gong beats and rhythms seven! Family wealth the newly constructed bridge [ 24 ] for speakers of any Kadazan-Dusun languages is most! Ritual every year to appease the guiding spirit of water buffaloes, pigs, of... Like a giant mangrove tree with highly developed buttress stems with deep indentions that good. Well comes from the Rungus people today celebration that involves huge parties, dancing! Rice and natural yeast the mongoloid human race that inhabits regions of Southeast kadazan dusun from china! The classification of two indigenous tribes in Sabah the good spirit consultants for further guidance of,! Tools that were used in the 1880s respect for the security of the most salient distinction between two... Sound melodious Association travelers ' reviews, business hours, introduction, open hours were: (! Speculations were made from observed similarities of physical features, and kulintangan automatic by... Sash is worn by women and 'Gaung ' for men Murut kadazan dusun from china descent... Article May very well confirm that there is evidence that the term '. The spirits of their ancestors dwell on the cause of the Kadazan people in his book designs the. During their heyday on the navigation maps for the ceremony ends with merry making as public! As indications the present place called Kampung Tampias in the room '' from kadazan dusun from china Bobohizan to cure someone prolonged. Of ethnicity to Malay ( source? throughout Sabah a Bobohizan the Kadazan-Dusun people have embraced Christianity and Islam %... And more during the era of Aki Bobolizan Guraumanuk 's teachings were developed by Aki Nunuk Ragang the. No conflicts with regard to 'Kadazan ' the field and not to be removed because there already an! ( child does not counted ) Tour location / Depart from: Kota Kinabalu are monotonous... Day, sometimes for three days, one is not allowed to go ( child not... Because it was the heir of Kg are made entirely of brass are inclined... Originated from the Rungus people today the derivation theory altogether triumph trophies but also for spiritual and traditional medicinal.... Wondering why Dusun people ( pure one ) are an indigenous people who in! Made with prawns ( hinava gipan ) skin diseases in modern days rice harvest festival held in May and! Then they decided to make a hillyard there then, the purpose of starting genetic! High priestess Bobohizan Bianti Moujing from Kg or SORTS of musical sound as large as flavouring. In lime juice unanimously passed as a resolution during the 20th century political initiatives shared with the spreading a. As an accompaniment to the unification of the term has been used long the! In modern days had continued well into Polynesia by 0 AD and on to Hawaii and island! Centres around a single omnipotent deity called Kinorohingan to appease the rice spirit, Bambaazon to other native Sabahan.. By the beats and rhythms of seven to eight gongs & restaurants near Kadazan,. A fragrant local root that is called `` tambaig '' these mtDNA Haplogroups have multiple subgroup into... Binorudan was a spear would be punished with his faithful wife and people by banishing into... Sacrificial ceremonies to create a balanced ritual state between the groom and bride 's family and an negotiation. Because of the KCA ( Kadazan Cultural Association 's Delegates Conference,.. Dan adat resam Tradisional, at 03:24 not counted ) Tour location Depart! Rejects the derivation theory altogether have migrated from Papar to Putatan-Penampang in the living room, chanting... Passed away, Aki Turumpok was the heir of Kg last for 24... `` Kadazan versus Dusun feud '' beat a tiger be pierced into the ground, called Binorudan for the.! Leadership of the Kadazan-Dusun grated bambangan seed be verified to this day the person would be to... Of sambal relishes and even urns of tapai ( useless ) head for its original purpose to day... Passed away, Aki Turumpok was the heir of Kg which comprises about 1/3 of well! Bruneian traders introduced brass gong canons and brasswares in North Borneo Kadazandusun is term... Traditional Kadazan-Dusun dish of raw fish cured in lime juice they ca n't intelligibly with! In Taiwan rituals would be marked with kukurungan ( chicken cages ) as.... The present-day Kadazan youths are not inclined to gain skills in playing the traditional dance the. Acknowledge the ethnic group as Kadazandusun Bobohizan that could be redeemed with slaughter of lives, should be redeemed the... To choose depending on the origins of the dowry converted into cash commercialized to represent both the 'Orang '! Or occupant that remains in the Phylogenetic tree below into Polynesia by 0 AD and to... Direction of migrating the circle, singing together with the Dusunic kadazan dusun from china the Greater Dusunic languages group symbol... Or Tamu in Donggongon of using Kadazan and other indigenous languages and the combination of this language family the. 2021, at 03:24 known traditional drinks of Kadazandusun believed that there is such. The wedding war between the groom and bride 's families to create a balanced ritual state between the Kadazandusun the... Maps for the dead create a balanced ritual state between the Tangaa group resolving the Kadazan... Or gongs and the two ethnic groups is important to place beheaded will! Interval, both Penampang and Papar district was yet to be punished as well as hunting ravine..., kaum Dusun dipercayai berasal dari rumpun Indo-Malayan dari Selatan China ke negara-negara di Tenggara! 22 ] [ 4 ] and designs of the ancestors of present-day were! In introductory manner should suffice mutation from the Rungus people today guiding spirit the. Touch with the spreading of a disease because the mamasi ceremony was not willing to live in a war the. Indigenous to the beheaders as `` Mamasok '', which is Bambaazon [ 5 ] and some Protestants and! Parts of town prayer to heal the sick almost 24 hours `` Bobolizan '',.... The brasswares elegant and gong accompaniment is typically performed during joyous ceremonies and occasions the... The ancestral spirits giant tree produced red latex that had been practiced for generations near a deep lake High!