I found myself completely overwhelmed by all the terminology and slang that was being tossed around on a regular basis. This name is used almost exclusively when communicating with others on the trail and in trail register entries. Thanks for the comment. 42. #1 of 3 Outdoor Activities in Kerrville. I.E. Internal frame pack: The supporting frames of the backpack are on the inside of the pack rather than the outside. Slogging – Long uphill hike on a muddy trail. Aiguille: A sharp pinnacle of rock in a mountain range. Being frozen in fear so to speak. Bushwacking = overgrown trail Ford = crossing a stream / creek Cirque = Group of Mtns. Connections to other long-distance hiking trails. Beta = info about the climb/hike you planning from someone that's been there. Find more ways to say hiking, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Water bar – ridge angled across the trail to revert rain water to one side in order to protect the trail from erosion. Typically made out of rocks or logs. The uploaded trail can be downloaded by anyone who knows the URL of the trail. Some English text, including a picture of a group on mountainbike through a cornfield. Blaze: A spot or mark on a tree, rock, or sign that is used to identify a trail route. Sobo – South bounder. PUD: Pointless ups and downs that are not always shown on the map and are relatively small yet annoying constant elevation gains. Blue blaze: Eliminating a section of a trail by taking side trails, used to shorten the route and burn some miles quickly. Learn how your comment data is processed. Lyme disease: An inflammatory disease caused by bacteria from ticks. Episode #60 Lagniappe - Hiking terms and lingo "What is she talking about??" John Muir Trail: A 211-mile section of the PCT that runs from Yosemite Valley to Mount Whitney. Widow maker – Limbs or whole trees themselves that have partially fallen but remain hung up overhead and so pose a danger to a person below. Half bench: A trail that is excavated out of the side of a hill and the trail is built with the excavated material. Usually seen on packs with few pockets to make the attachment of an external pocket, knife, sunglasses holder or other accessory possible. MacGyver – Based on the TV show where the hero would construct useful devices out of common materials. Backcountry – Area where no there are no maintained buildings or roads. Moccasin mail: Inspirational messages left behind by hikers to lift others spirits. A 2,200-mile hike and one leg of the “triple crown” of thru hikes. Bonk: Running out of energy due to lack of calories. Required fields are marked *. HEET: Liquid fuel in a metal container used to power a backpacking stove. Alcohol stove: An ultraportable backpacking stove that runs on denatured alcohol and is used to boil water and prepare trail meals. May also refer to an actual path that is grossly overused. GORP: Trail mix, a high calorie, and simple trail snack. Extras/Slackpacking/Shuttle services. Explore hiking trails on TrailLink.com. Trail Terms: a glossary of the most important mountain hiking lingo. Acclimatization – The process of becoming gradually accustomed to … A lot of these terms are used fairly often, either when on the trail or engaged in a conversation about hiking. This is the fastest known time that a trail has been completed (difficult to verify). Hermit Hiker – Hiker that prefers to solo hike. The organisation is member of the European Ramblers' Orgnisation and so they have the opportunity to connect Europe with Russia via the European Long Distance Trail E9. The Appalachian Trail Conference (U.S.), with the aid of its member organizations in 14 states, maintains campsites and a trail more than 2,000 miles (3,200 km) long between Mount Katahdin in Maine and Mount Oglethorpe in Georgia; it publishes information on conditions of the camps and trail. False lead: A path that looks just like the trail but will take you down the wrong path. A trail name often comes from a humorous or significant characteristic associated with the hiker. Pink Blazing: Slowing down or speeding up your pace to stay close to a romantic interest. Headlamp: A flashlight that attaches to your head and shines a light in any direction that your head is facing. Welcome to our A-Z of trail running terms glossary! The Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and the Continental Divide Trail. FAQ/Hiking Checklist. A tough 12-day trek taking you on a traverse, you can stay in huts or camp in remote areas. Famous Thru Hikes include the Appalachian Trail (AT) and Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). Relo: Short for relocation, a section of the trail has made a recent move. Blaze – A mark along a trail to mark the direction of the trail. Trail names are supposed to be given from other hikers. Iceberg – Large rocks planted in the ground at an overused campsite to discourage any more tenting. Iceberg: Enormous rocks that are placed strategically on the ground put in place to discourage people from abusing an overused campground. Cryptosporidium: An infection caused by a single-celled parasitic organism also known as “crypto” and found in water sources in the wild. A large nonprofit organization that teaches wilderness and leadership skills. In Scotland it isn’t usual to give specific names to any of these – we normally just call them what they are! Great views are a … Trail Name (noun, concept) – A special nickname adopted by long-distance backpackers, which has become a tradition on the AT and many other trails. Height of land: The elevation that a hike begins, starting elevation. If you're planning on backpacking a long-distance trail, this guide will help you get a handle on thru-hiking terms. Misery index: A number from 1 to 10 that measures a hikers personal misery or unhappiness level with 1 being the lowest rating. Typically this is where the trail begins. Leave No Trace: 7 principles put in place to promote conservation and sustainability of the wilderness. Here you'll find long-distance trails in both remote regions of the West and in populated parts of the East and Midwest. Cairne: A stacked pike of stones that resembles a pyramid used to mark the trail. Ground control: The person at home who handles the real world tasks the thru-hiker can’t attend to. Zero day: A day in which zero are covered, can happen for a variety of reasons. Lash point: A loop or ring on the exterior of gear that allows you to attach any desired accessory for easy access. Guy lines: A cord or string used to attach and stabilize the rainfly above a tent. A 3,100-mile trail and one leg of the “triple crown” of thru hikes. Crotch rot: The unpleasant condition occurring in both men and women when the nether regions are neglected. Trail Angel – Someone who provides unexpected help or food to a hiker. Just like any other hobby or practice, there are words and phrases that have different meanings than face value. Groundling: A person who chooses to sleep on the ground every chance possible. One day, I was hiking with a friend and as we were headed up the steep mountain she said, “these switchbacks are killing me”! A term used to describe a thru hiker who starts in the South and hikes North. 45 of the Best Gifts for Backpackers: Outdoor Adventure Gifts, Bothy Bags: Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know, The 7 Best Glamping Tents: Luxury Camping Tents, Fake Patagonia Gear: How to Spot it and How to Avoid it. Also used in verb form to signify reaching the highest point of a mountain. Embed this on your site! Blaze – a vertical stripe painted on trees or posts to mark the trail you are hiking on. Nooner: Stopping for a midday snack on the trail. Find more ways to say hiking, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Triple Crown – A hiker that has completed the AT, PCT & CDT. Yard sale: The midpoint of the reorganization of a hikers backpack, it looks like a bomb went off. Trail angel: A person who goes out of their way to help thru hikers in every way possible. If you have found that I have forgotten a hiking term or if you know of a hiking term that should be added, please leave it in the comments section below and I will get it added to the list! A 2,650-mile hike that spans the west coast from Mexico to Canada. This happens after a week or two on the trail and should be remedied ASAP. Lean-to – a type of shelter that is typically freestanding, consisting of 1-3 walls and a slanted roof. Copyright © 2020 — Nutty Hiker Advenures | Bridget Carlson • All rights reserved. Trails tend to be muddier at this time and the best hiking is at lower elevations or on drier, south facing slopes around the Town of Banff. Preparing to set off for your first long hike is exciting. Hammock: A sleeping system that hangs between two trees and rests at roughly a 30° angle. Usually, the term is only applied to hikes longer than 1,000 miles /1,609 km. Web face: The first person on the trail in the morning who ends up clearing out the spider webs with their face. Hiking Quotes are a great source of inspiration and motivation – get inspired below, vote for your favourite hiking quote at the end and find out more about booking a hiking tour with Hillwalk Tours!. Believe it or not, there are a large number of terms related to hiking to learn. Usually used to create a shortcut to another trail. Nutty Hiker does not endorse, operate, or control external websites. Nobo: Short for Northbounder. Fish River Canyon; South Africa. For those of you who may not be familiar with some of the backpacking/hiking terms and slang, here’s a little help: AT: short for “Appalachian Trail”. Read More. Katahdin: The highest peak in the state of Maine, it is the Northern terminus of the AT. summit: The highest point of a mountain. Zig zag: When you hike on a switchback trail, Arbor Explorer is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Estonian walking/hiking organisation, providing some info on hiking trails. in a circle/half circle PCT = Pacific Coast Trail (also known as a 'Thru-hike') JMT = John Muir trail (part of PCT) Talus = large rocks to scramble over Topo = Topographical map Happy camper: Being content with the situation at hand. Seeminly only an eastcoast or A.T practice. When I first started hiking I was so enamored with the adventure of the trail that I failed to recognize that there are a million hiking terms kicking around. Gaiters: Garment worn over your shoes and lower legs used as protective personal gear to keep out snow, dust, and debris. Easily find dog or kid-friendly trails. Camp – To spend the night in a temporary shelter. Freestanding: A tent, that when set up properly does not require any tie downs or stakes. Trolltunga Hike. Canister stove: A small stove that doubles as a pot stand and uses a pressurized fuel canister that attaches to a threaded hub. Base weight: The total combined weight of your backpacking gear excluding consumables such as food, water, and fuel. 328 km (204 mi) Snowman Trek, a 21-day hike through the Himalayas Hong Kong. switchbacks: Building a trail so as to zig zag up the face of a hill or mountain. Click on the center tool to show a small cross-hair in the center of the map. Hiking vocabulary, Hiking word list - a free resource used in over 40,000 schools to enhance vocabulary mastery & written/verbal skills with Latin & Greek roots. Someone who didn’t prepare properly and begs off other Hikers. The most comfortable and lightest way to sleep while on the trail. Each year as the popularity of the trail grows the pack grows accordingly. Bug trap: Unwashed and stinky sleeping gear. Grey water: Grey water is the runoff from dishwater that should never be dumped within 200 feet of any freshwater sources. Gear head: That friend of yours who can never get enough hiking, camping, and backpacking gear. Trail name: A nickname given to you by other hikers. You stink… Really, really bad. Quad or Quadrangle – “Quads” are slang for the Quadrangle maps that the US Geological Survey produces in topographical form. The merit of hiking trails in Hong Kong is that hikers can enjoy scenery of both the sea and highland. Yo-yo: Thru-hiking both directions in one season. HYOH: Hike your own hike. GPS – Global Positioning System. MacGyver: An old TV show where the star could make anything out of nothing. Power Hiker – A hiker who habitually chooses to cover very long distances each day, often hiking late into the evening. For reviews, I was provided with a complimentary copy of the item unless otherwise stated. Potable water: Clean water that you can drink without filtering or sanitizing. Safety Meeting: Getting high, smoking weed. Internal Pack Frame – A backpack that uses supports (usually aluminum or plastic) on the inside of the pack, that is, within the fabric, to support its weight. Swag – The lowest connecting point between two ridges in the South. An Adventure Projects staff member will review this and take an appropriate action, but we generally don't reply. You can probably complete it in seven to 10 days, weather permitting. Ridge Runner – A person paid by a trail maintaining club or governmental organization to hike back and forth along a certain section of trail to educate hikers, enforce regulations, monitor trail and campsite use, and sometimes perform trail maintenance or construction duties. It is an area that has a special set of rules put in place by the Forest Service that is above and beyond normal backcountry rules. Paeonia Trails is a new established company inspired from our love to the island of Rhodes Resupply: Heading into town to refill on supplies. Web face – What happens to the first person on the trail each morning – they clear away all the spider webs across the trail with their face. See also Dirtbag. Trail Name: Name a hiker goes by on the Trail. Rainfly: A waterproof cover that is made to fit over your tent and will prevent water and moisture from getting inside the tent. Kerrville River Trail. Most are near a water source, and some have a privy. Ultralight: A style of hiking with the lightest and most minimal gear possible. Terms & Conditions; Booking/Enquire; Our Friends . These are usually half-day to one-day tours, like these hikes in the German Alps. Col: A pass between two mountains or a gap in the ridge. 328 km (204 mi) Snowman Trek, a 21-day hike through the Himalayas; Hong Kong. Coastal hikes, Arctic wilderness, remote places – take your pick! - then there's these 10 very weird hiking rules. What a great idea. Unlike a weekender in the Enchantments, a long-distance hike (we’re talking a week to a month or even up to six months if you’re looking at the entire Pacific Crest Trail) is an exercise in endurance and perseverance, both mentally and physically. Terms paeonia trails Hiking and Trekking trails Day tours, Hiking and Trekking trails Day tours , Hiking and Trekking trails Day tours, Let’s wander in nature and enjoy the unique culture of Rhodes. Hand wands: Slang term for trekking poles. 1.4 mph for moderate trails. Usually painted on a tree in a neon color. Although, ultimately it’s up to the hiker to decide if they want that name or if they would rather just use their real name. Your email address will not be published. Most popular trail running terms and definitions. It causes dizziness, nausea, headaches, and shortness of breath. Sweep: The last hiker in the group who makes sure that no one drops anything and no one loses the group. USGS: The United States Geological Service, the body responsible for topographic maps. Thru Hiker Someone who is in the process of completing a Thru Hike. 1. noun: A mark used to identify a trail, eg a spot of paint on a tree or rock. “ Paddle boards , kayaks, canoes, exotic water birds, turtles and the skyline of downtown Austin will entertain you as you stroll or run the trail. Out & Back / 7.0 miles / 2,240 ft Hunter Mountain Trail via Becker Hollow. Kerrville. Yes and no. Ascent – To climb upward while gaining elevation, usually used to describe tackling a mountain or large hill. Widowmaker: Broken tree limbs or loose rocks that are loose and waiting to fall at any moment. A mail drop is usually made ahead of time, before the hike starts, and a person not hiking mails the package according to a pre-arranged schedule so that it arrives on time for the hiker to receive it at the post office. The sun is down and most hikers will go to sleep at this time, so they can get a full 8 or more hours of sleep for a daybreak departure. PCT: Pacific Crest Trail. The elevation varies depending on depending on the region and mountain range. SAR: Search and Rescue, they are volunteers who sacrifice their time to help a hiker in trouble. Switchback – zigzag trail that makes it easier to hike. The hike is about 8.5 miles, so be sure to bring plenty of water and food. Appalachian Trail 2020 (Class of Covid-19) Bloggers/Vloggers, The Importance of a Good Hiking Backpack & What Opened My Eyes, Bagdad Cemetery: Filming of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Leander Texas, Top Spots in Colorado Springs to get your Hike on. Sinai Trail, a 250 km (160 mi) thru-hike in Sinai from Nuweiba to St. Catherine mountain (Egypt highest summit) Asia Bhutan. Bite valve: The end of a hydration bladder that you bite down on to drink water out of. Everyone has been more than happy to share their knowledge and help me learn along the way. By the middle of July, most alpine passes are snow-free. Hiker box: A cabinet or area at hostels where other hikers unwanted foods for the next hiker to arrive. Cairns are palm sized rocks stacked atop each other. As I began to tackle more and more miles everything began to slow down and I realized there was a hiking language all of its own. Not always a good thing. The term Trail blazer is now self explanitory. RUA: Restricted Use Area. Bivy sack: A thin and waterproof layer of protection that protects your sleeping bag from the elements. Understory: The vegetation and growth that occurs under the forest canopy. Zero Day – A day in which no miles are hiked, usually because the hiker is stopping in a town to re-supply and/or rest. Lash Point – A loop or other feature that allows the attachment of some accessory to the exterior of a product. Interesting list of hiking terms. Prime hiking season runs July through mid-September. How I saved $2400 a year by making 2 simple phone calls! Term is derived from the Appalachian Trail, due to the yellow stripes on the roads that run alongside most of the AT. Fastpacking: A cross between backpacking and mountain running, resulting in covering lots of miles covered in a short period of time. Otter Trail; Grand Traverse, a 204 km (127 mi) walk in the Drakensberg; Egypt. Green Blazing – Doing drugs on the trail. “The Trail Provides” (phrase) – A phrase meaning that, in emergencies or difficult situations, a hiker’s needs will be met somehow. Typically done by buttering them up or being overly nice but never begging. Responsible for following the trail. Hiking trails, even well maintained ones, are full of rocks, roots and other potential hazards, so we almost always recommend a hiking shoe with some type of toe cap. Generally referred to as the group of people in which you spend a significant amount … Web master – The first person on the trail each morning – result (see Web face). Thru Hike Hiking an entire trail contiguously from end-to-end, usually at least 100 miles over more than a week. Backcountry: Remote or sparsely populated rural areas; wilderness.