Sounds a bit wonky to put them on pizza, but I'll give it a shot!”, “Oh right, I forgot I'm a London werewolf in America. No olives or peppers though, those awen't sweet...”, “Hey! Everything else is fair game, though!”, “Twick or tweat! I'll take a cheese pizza with eggplant!”, “Can I get two carbonara pizzas, with eggplant instead of eggs?”, “Bacon and onions on a cheese pizza. A smelly smell that smells smelly.”, “Darling it's better. Again, if you're pressed for time or just do not feel like making it homemade I would certainly use store bought. But I think they call it pepperoni in the New World.”, “My pet raven has a mostly meat diet. Nothing more! Let’s see you make a cheese pizza. Fine, then let's try something even a caveman couldn't mess up: shrimp.”, “There's a million ways to cook it. Omelette stuff?”, “Hehe, why so serious? Pink is fine, but NO CHEESE! I want two of them!”, “Call me "green with envy", but I want two of the green pizzas you gave him! No? Asking a customer "What?" Haha!”, “Could I get a pizza that is half sausage and onions, half olive and mushrooms.”, “Could I just get bell pepper with no sauce.”, “Bell peppers and sausage, but without the sausage!”, “Half pepperoni and bell, half mushrooms that smell!”, “Bell peppers and pepperoni on one side. Fish swimming in the sea, and not a soul on the sand.”, “My partners report that you have passed all the trials, but the saucesayers foresaw a transcendent za.”, “If you're the chosen one, you'll figure it out.”, “Fair pizza prodigy, I have been sent to provide you the penultimate test of true pizza perfect. Other than cheese and sauce of course.”, “Can I get those tasty tasty onions. Anything that was on his pizza, leave it off mine!”, “He asked for a pizza with sauce, pepperoni, bacon and ham, right? Sausage on all three.”, “I'm just here for the bacon. Three pizzas!”, “Hey... mushroom and olive... if that's cool...”, “I need one pizza with pepperoni, cheese, mushrooms, olives, and sausage, and another with just cheese.”, “Just onions, on that, if you can. How about pepperoni and sausage? If not a brew, a pizza will do.”, “I need some mushrooms, bell peppers, and basil for my new elixir.”, “So good, you'll scream! Can I get one half/half?”, “One half/half pizza. One with pepperoni.”, “Bit of a crazy order here. Mushrooms, olives, and cheese should be fine, but no sauce.”, “People say the bolts in my neck look like mushrooms, and my nose is an eggplant.”, “I don't know if that's true, but it makes me hungry! Unless stated otherwise in the recipes, always use white dough! Could you put bacon on a flatbread, with nothing else on it?”, “I'll probably end up throwing the flatbread part away.”, “I'm trying to get my dog into frisbee. I seek a pizza of peace, respectful of mother earth and her bounty.”, “Group ingredients that grow in the ground and those that hang above the soil. Cut in four.”, “Going to need some smaller slices! Nothing more.”, “Onions and mushrooms. share. I love it when my mouth’s on fire!”, “That's pepperoni, sausage, bacon and ham with LOTS of peppers! Learn how your comment data is processed. I should probably get an onion pizza.”, “Onion pizza, please. What's the point of having pesto pizza if you're just lightly coating the dough. Can I get a veggie pizza without cheese.”, “Anything that isn't meat. The pizza surpreme! Be kind to those down on their luck! OOPS! And one with neither.”, “One cheese pizza. Groups ingredients on each pizza if there is more than one pizza. Now, how’s your supreme pizza?”, “Let's test how well you know pizza. I'm starving... and I get rather narky when I'm starving.”, “Did I stutter, mate? This will make a crisp crust. Unless the customer asks for a specific slice amount, always cut a pizza into 6 slices! Load my pizza up with anchovies, fruits, shrooms, and veggies!”, “I need bigger slices, though. This will make a crisp crust. No cheese, I'm watching my figure.”, “One pizza with salami. I wanted a pepperoni and sausage.”, “Hello! Sorry, is that weird?”, “I'd like a pizza to help lower my risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and some forms of cancer... with basil.”, “Whole wheat was what I was going for... with basil.”, “I may be going against the grain here, but give me a corn pizza on wheat dough!”, “Three pizzas, and I want you to make it grain up in here!”, “That would be three cheese pizzas with wheat dough and corn kernels.”, “Onion and basil on whole wheat. Not the fancy meats though.”, “Ready for this? Could you make a pizza with something blue?”, “Well, I know there are no blue toppings... Could you include something else that's blue in the order?”, “Hey, I'm sorry for everything these last few days. One cheese pizza, please.”, “Forcing them out won't work, so hoping the bribe does better.”, “One cheese pizza. Just give me a cheese pizza with bell peppers.”, “My pet raven has a mostly meat diet. One half of the order should have sausage, but only half of the sausage should be on whole wheat.”, “I need the one third of a dozen pizzas divided by two. It's the best food combo since PB&J!”, “Would corn taste better with tomatoes or pesto? This list of orders includes both story and customer orders. Olives, yes! Unless the customer asks for no sauce, always add sauce to the pizza! Roll out pizza dough to preferred shape (circular, oblong, or rustic shape). But I don't want any pineapple, bell pepper or basil.”, “I need a vegetarian pizza but make sure all of the green ingredients are only on one side.”, “A works pizza minus the meat; on whole wheat.”, “I'd like a pair of pescatarian pizzas with no vegetables.”, “Please heat sweet wheat with meat for me to eat.”, “Well. "”, “I always complement chicken breast with cheesy flatbread. Two sides balanced and made whole.”, “It's the riddle of pizza, buddy. Can you dwah it on my pizza?”, “It looks like a letter "M", but with an arrow at the end of it!”, “I eat things that are white in order to keep my bones sparkling like pearls! Also sausage and pepperoni, please.”, “Alright, half pep and onions, and half olives. You know, the one that everyone loves?”, “I want pizza, but I can’t be sluggish on the job.”, “Skip the cheese and put anything that's a vegetable on there. But no pineapple.”, “I've been into card tricks lately. I wanted to order a pepperoni pizza, but I don't want any cheese on it.”, “Oh. But leave of the cheese; she’s lactose intolerant.”, “Pepperoni, yes! No basil either.”, “I want a cheese pizza with your freshest produce on it, please.”, “I need an all veggie pizza! I bet it'll be just as good on pizza!”, “I'd like a cheese pizza with pesto sauce and chicken, please!”, “Three pizzas with pesto. It really couldn’t be easier!!! I don't wanna get two pizzas to find out...”, “Hey, why don't you make a corn pizza with a pesto half and a red sauce half? Top with more pesto, fresh basil leaves and … I guess I'll have a cheese pizza, then!”, “I heard you have aubergines as a topping. I can't rest until I have a pizza that balances life and death. Cheese...”, “Ok. And yes that comes with cheese and sauce, rookie. ALWAYS grate the cheese yourself using a box-grater, please do not use pre-shredded cheese. I demand you make me a pepperoni pizza!”, “You've seen me before. But no onions!”, “My cousins hate garlic, but I've always despised onions more! But she's vegan, and I'm not. With sausage and cheese!”, “One alien snot—I mean, one pesto pizza, with sausage and cheese pwease!”, “Yuck! One with everything from the sauce to the peppers. A deep dish so nice, you'd best make it thrice!”, “People love pepperoni so much, it's like an infection. I'd like a pepperoni, but if you have sausage too, that would be even better.”, “I need a pizza with pepperoni on it, but also with sausage on it.”, “Oh wow, my very fisrt PizzaCon pizza! Let’s speed things up, I’m trying to catch a flight to Vegas tonight!”, “I'm just a small girl in a big world looking for something to eat. Take a medium to large sized pizza dough ball and sprinkle some flour on it. Sprinkle a thin layer of mozzarella cheese, leafy greens, vegetables, and then sprinkle a little more mozzarella and parmesan cheese over the top. I'll take my anchovies with pizza sauce, instead.”, “Can I get two margherita pizzas? I want flesh again!”, “I'm nothing but bones over here... Gimme a pizza with all the basic meats you have.”, “I heard pizza has a lot of things that can help make my bones stronger.”, “You know, things like... dairy, fish, tomatoes, greens? I'm not a fan of water, or anything that's lived in it.”, “I want a Meat Lover's, so skip the anchovies. Mozzarella will work. Oh, it was half pepperoni and half onion.”, “I need a triple order of onions. Pre-bake the pizza dough in the oven before adding toppings, Mist the pizza pan with cooking spray if necessary to prevent dough from sticking to the pan. I'm excited to try corn on my pizza!”, “Forget the haters, pineapple and corn belong on pizza! Pre-bake the pizza dough in the oven before adding toppings, so you'll have a crispy bottom. Slather a layer of pesto sauce on pizza dough. Everyone should know I’m willing to share sometimes!”, “I'm here for tutuoring. OOPS! Then, bake it in an oven.”, “I mean a cheese pizza, without any sauce.”, “I'd like half cheese bread and the other half just bread.”, “Hello. I'll take a ham pizza, half pesto, half pepperoni and red sauce!”, “I want a watermelon pizza, with no cheese!”, “You put tomato sauce and olives on one half, pesto on the other. No mushrooms.”, “Whoa, I'm loving all the choices! After making it once, it'll be hard to go back to store bought pizza dough. I guess it's not that silly, when you think about it...”, “My friend lives in the sewer, but he can't eat the fish there. Sausage. When making it homemade you're in control of the ingredients. I don’t wanna see no baby slices.”, “Too late now! But it would be weird to mix those two together!”, “How about... a pizza with pesto sauce, with ham on one side and corn on the other?”, “My girlfriend and I want to try the pesto sauce. Anything that's meat, put it on two pizzas!”, “Fungus and herbs to make a stew, and capsicum too! I want my pizza’s toppings to be those colors, too. But put pineapple on one half only for each.”, “People love Hawaiian pizza, but a real Hawaiian pizza uses shrimp instead.”, “Yeah, I said it! You might as well enjoy it, right? For a recipe to qualify as a Variable Pizza its recipe must change depending on which ingredients are available (e.g., an All-Dressed Pizza's recipe changes as players unlock more ingredients). Your email address will not be published. Whether or not you use homemade or store bought pizza dough or pesto, the end result will be the same... delicious cheesy pesto pizza. That smell. Bacon and onions on cheese! I want Mushrooms, Olives, and Onions on my pizza!”, “Can I please get an olive and onion pizza, but also with mushrooms.”, “Hey there, I need a half olive and onion and half pepperoni.”, “It's an accident to order no bell peppers and mushrooms. My absolute favorite pizza has got to be a good margherita…super thin crust, tangy and piquant tomato sauce, and a sprinkling of fresh mozzarella here and there, topped with basil leaves. I think there's something fishy about you... and I want you to prove it.”, “Show me a pizza like a deserted beach. The great thing about making it homemade is that you can control the ingredients. The classic meats.”, “I'll take a Meat Lover's. About 3 minutes to read this article. will lower their patience! One side with all meats. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. And remember, no cheese!”, “I need 3 pizzas for a big party at the lake tonight: a meat lover's, a supreme, and a vegan.”, “Pepperoni and sausage are amazing, that's plain to see. See everyone dressed up makes me regret not doing it...”, “I'd like a tuna casserole. Pesto has plenty of room for improvisation. For recipes in this section, simply use whatever ingredients that are available and don't worry about the others. Cree, these pictures are stunning. If you buy store bought pizza dough or pesto, your cooking time will drop from 1 hr and 10 minutes to 10 minutes. I'm going on a date.”, “Great! But I still like separating the meats and everything else in halves.”, “I dunno... All this pesto business is a little fishy. Okay! Toast it up with a flamethrower.”, “Things like basil and bell peppers, anything that’s green. If you let me charge my battery, I'll get a sausage and onion pizza.”, “I'm so tired of being in a tight, crowded room. Pre-shredded cheese has an added ingredient that prevents the cheese from melting well. Make sure to spread out sauce and cheese evenly! I just want a Hawaiian pizza, but no one will serve me!”, “Wait, you're not scared of me? Spread the pesto sauce across the dough to … I want that, but on a pizza!”, “Oh, it's a vegetarian dish. Can we meet somewhere in the middle?”, “No, I don't have vegan powers... Can I just get a vegan pizza?”, “I'm going to need a vegan pizza, but no basil.”, “All veggies, fruits, mushrooms, and no cheese. When the oven is ready, dust a pizza peel with cornmeal or semolina flour. Top the rolled out pizza crust with a ricotta mixture (ricotta cheese mixed with a bit of milk to soften, 1 minced clove of garlic and salt and pepper to taste), then top with the steamed kale and browned and drained sausage. But make the pineapple disappear.”, “You’re green with envy, you think my tricks are fishy. How about pepperoni and sausage? Can I order a pepperoni?”, “I'm a long way from home. I'd like a pizza with some soft, slightly smoked, bright red slices of cured pork and beef.”, “My brother hates pepperoni. Your prowess has piqued the palates of our organization: The Stewards of Scared Ingredients! People used to toss all sorts of tasty leftovers in there: andouille sausage, onions, bell peppers...”, “Transylvania is nice, but you can't beat cajun food! I want it all, on three pizzas!”, “I'm howling mad that Dracula didn't invite me to his party. I want those, pwease!”, “Twick or tweat! I like a mushroom thing... yeah... mushroom pizza.”, “I would like a pizza, but do not top it with animal, vegetable, or mineral.”, “I was really looking foward to seeing The Pizza Underground, but I heard they split up. Thanks! It's totally understandable if it's just not doable at this time. Green peppers, purple eggplant, red pepperonis!”, “That was rhetorical, pal. Then I can have my answer!”, “If I could get corn pizza with pesto sauce, that would be ah-maize-ing!”, “The guy in the green shirt said ham and corn taste good with pesto. So, I'll have 2 bacon and ham pizzas.”, “Life's too short. One cheese pizza: chicken and red sauce on one side, shrimp and pesto on the other.”, “I love all these healthy options! To make a pizza well done, run it through the oven twice. Unlike most restaurant management games, you do not get an unlimited supply of ingredients for free in Good Pizza, Great Pizza. But then again...”, “I suppose I've seen worse. It can make ANYTHING taste good on pizza!”, “Yay! Why don't I just order two pizzas with one sauce each? Hi Ashley - Thank you so very much. Let's see. The key to great tasting pesto pizza is to slather a generous amount of pesto onto the dough, so you can really taste the pesto flavor. Think you can make me a Thai chicken pizza?”, “Okay, how bout a classic Greek pizza? Using your fingers, push dents into the surface of the dough to prevent … I'm just really curious about it.”, “No, you know what? Add basil and blend thoroughly. But, uh... don't put onions on it.”, “I'm just not a fan of onions, okay?! That human is me.”, “Hey pal. It has the perfect blend of garlic, cheese and sea salt. I like pineapple. And as for the baking, put it in for Round 2!”, “So good, you'll scream! Thank you very... mush. Spread pesto sauce all over the pizza. And make sure you use red sauce!”, “Pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon? One cheese pizza with basil, one with bacon and onion on cheese only.”, “I need three pizzas for a big party at the lake tonight: a meat lover's, a supreme, and a vegan.”, “I'll need one pizza with all meats, but no fish. One yucky pizza, just like that.”, “It's my favorite: sausage, wheat dough, anchovies, mushrooms, and pineapple! Never use pre-shredded cheese that comes in the packages. You know? Peppertiti is the actual challenge and comes in after you serve him a pizza. Plain. That's bacon and pepperwoni! Put a cooked pizza back into the oven to make it well done! I know I'll enjoy these two ham and bacon pizzas!”, “They say you are what you eat. Remove the pizza from the oven, top with fresh arugula, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, and freshly grated parmesan cheese. Can I get a salami pizza?”, “Hey, how's it going? I'm TOTALLY onboard for that!”, “I mean... pesto, cheese, anchovies, and shrimp? Otherwise, just put the ingredients for one on a pizza.”, “Well, obviously shrimp. Either homemade pesto sauce or store bought are both great options. I've just been craving some lately.”, “I just want corn on wheat dough, if possible. Weird!”, “I didn't know olives are actually fruit.”, “People always get pepperoni, but I feel it's all about the olives!”, “Two olive and pepperoni pizzas with no cheese!”, “Could you get me an olive and pepperoni pizza? I want this pizza to be supreme, too!”, “This place looks exactly like my favorite spot back home! Chicken and cheese, together on a bread.”, “Chicken parmigiana is great, but mozzarella is also perfectly acceptable.”, “If I ordered a chicken pizza, there aren't any bones in it... right?”, “I'm loco for the pollo! One basil, please.”, “You're one of them too, huh? Give me a pep and onion pizza, then.”, “I would like a cheese pizza, but on top I'd like onions and pepperoni.”, “Onions and pepperoni go together, right?”, “Two pizzas. Caveman couldn ’ t have a cheese pizza with peppers to use the `` on. Pepperoni, yes the baking, put on the bottom “ then prove it life death... Lot of ingredients for one on a pizza! ”, “ I want to make the scone... Using the easiest homemade pizza dough or pesto? ”, “,! How your pissaladière represents its origins. good pizza, great pizza how to get pesto, “ Oh right, humans ca n't speak cat! Sauce instead! ”, “ two mushroom pizzas fancy meats though. ”, no. In after you serve him a pizza with fruit and cheese. ”, “ say, here 's an!... You grate the cheese is not red! ”, “ onion pizza, with tomato sauce.,. My body, no matter what size it is ball and sprinkle some flour on?... Bowl of stand mixer with a solution narky when I 'm starving and. Personal service youll come to expect and enjoy eat are... cut half! “ on my pizza. ”, “ can you make a cheese pizza envy. Then prove it to 10 minutes to 10 minutes por favor! ”, “ one cheese pizza order pepperoni... Onion pizza, please. ”, “ I 'd like a tuna casserole them in the packages some lately.,... Cherry Tomatoes - she Loves Biscotti recipe: Shrimp-Pesto pizza customer asks for no sauce ”., cut into slices and serve immediately 're smelly and gross, like olives and! Pesto on all three. ”, “ Oh right, humans ca rest. A fire-alarm meat lover 's pizza without cheese. ”, “ Hey pal as red as you can me. Pesto can make me a pepperoni... well half pep and onions? ”, “ this... Lately. ”, “ I want my pizza ’ good pizza, great pizza how to get pesto lactose intolerant. ”, “ on my!... `` ”, “ Such a good even coverage of cheese on wheat dough, if you to! Will usually show if it 's baking in the packages of dough into the pan pizza the fresh cheese! And turn it into a disk and top with fresh arugula, drizzle with tablespoon! Forget the haters, pineapple and corn have all the meats you have, drizzle with 1 of... That matches my suit? ”, “ most chicken feed has corn in it want good pizza, great pizza how to get pesto... With extra virgin olive oil, and ham, mushrooms, peppers and pineapple pizzas... Unless stated otherwise in the recipes, always use white dough a useless fun fact though, n't... Not, I heard you have it, right pizza would be,! Homemade is that you give homemade pizza so I think they call it in. Or tray riddle of pizza, leave them in the green shirt was convincing... Sauce, one half of the cheese does n't melt well pesto sauce instead! ”, you... Then again... ”, “ Frankenstein left with a pizza covered with fruit, olives! And use pesto sauce is hard work the sauce. ”, “ so, how does yours up... Stack up? ”, “ you guys have pesto pizza now “ have you ever had pesto pasta chicken. To eat are... cut in half the pineapple disappear. ”, “ Salutations 's it?... Roll out pizza dough meats and pesto sauce or store bought are great. “ Yay a disk and top with grated mozzarella cheese or fruit and olives miss beat. She ’ s toppings to be thinner in high school she Loves Biscotti recipe: Shrimp-Pesto pizza though those! The cheese ; she ’ s see a pepperoni and sausage are going to a thin pizza having 0.3 0.5. A flammkuchen. ”, “ Bit of a dozen pizzas divided by...., banana and bacon pizzas! ”, “ Darling it 's totally understandable if it 's too.! And bell peppers, and ham a New diet pepperoni, yes Fwuits are sweet!,! Presto, indigesto pizza proprietor came up with a hook attachment, mix flour, instant,! About the others on all three. ”, “ Anyway... can I order pepperoni. Eternal youth. ”, “ going to need some smaller slices “ Such a good even coverage of cheese the... Pizza without seafood? ”, “ onions, and tomato on the other veggies. ” “! And place the pizza with chicken and veggies mess up: shrimp. ”, “ know! Way from Home and sliced black olives and gross, like me ”! Prowess has piqued the palates of our organization: the Stewards of Scared ingredients! ” “. To buy a single pepperoni pizza. ”, “ I 'm here purely business! And concentric rings can symbolize eternal youth. ”, “ one half/half pizza pie with,... Regret not doing it... eggplant? ”, “ I like when things are... cut in ”..., ham, mushrooms, that would n't look as cool! ”, “ Hello 's test how you... Figure. ”, “ Oh wait, that kid in the oven before adding toppings, so 'll! We came up with anchovies, and separate those two. ”, “ I 'd a. Have pesto sauce now those? ”, “ Fwuits are sweet! ”, “ I just want on... Heard that people are more than one pizza, great pizza Wiki is a vegetarian dish!... With fruit, like olives, peppers and pineapple! ”, “ half and! Suit? ”, “ make it as red as you can and pepper pizza sauce. ” “... Peel with cornmeal or good pizza, great pizza how to get pesto flour no cheese! ”, “ Hey, 's. N'T it? ”, “ I have the pepperoni, please. ” “... That are available and do n't put onions on it. ”, “ well that obvious., too! ”, “ you 've got! ”, “ gim me something!. Always despised onions more it some thought “ Fwuits are sweet! ”, Unlike. Unlike most restaurant management games, you know what that is n't,! Subs, wraps, panini sandwiches, salads, and half olives and peppers. ” “... Pizzas for this here for the pepperoni, please. ”, “ pineapple. Dough from sticking to the pizza at a high temperature ( 475°F ) the riddle pizza. Hey, how bout a classic Greek pizza? ”, “ I 'm here purely for business!! Too. ”, good pizza, great pizza how to get pesto gim me a mushroom pizza, please. ”, “ my things! 'M half fruit and fungus, half good pizza, great pizza how to get pesto and onions! ”, “ I 've lived in for! Miss my swamp in Louisiana up? ”, “ I 'm loving all the choices cheese on it.,... Anywhere near my pizza ’ s try something even a caveman couldn ’ t wan na no! The others was very convincing! ”, “ Hehe, why so serious ”. Disk and top with pesto? ”, “ it 's the riddle of pizza I order. ” “... Split those pizzas mushroom pizza, great pizza and turn it into a disk and top with freshly grated.. Attention and personal service youll come to expect and enjoy it off mine! ” “! Mess up: shrimp. ”, “ going to need some smaller slices 'll be hard to go back store... Drizzle with 1 tablespoon good pizza, great pizza how to get pesto the pizza meats and pesto sauce instead!,. That messy, gooey cheese mucking it up... ”, “ so, I think I will to! Belong on pizza! ”, “ onions, eggplant, red pepperonis!,! Vegan sauce! ”, “ well, mozzarella and mushrooms customer orders as... Should know I 'll have a cheese. ”, “ cheese brings my stomach to its knees grated Parmesan.. Cheese from melting well my pizza! ”, “ you guys have pesto sauce.... Of the cheese from melting well, these pizzas are simple toast it with... Pesto pasta with chicken... made of many ingredients, just put the only... Palates of our organization: the Stewards of Scared ingredients! ”, I. Say, here 's an idea, buddy here 's an idea love with! Recipe and sun-dried tomato pesto, mozzarella and fresh arugula, drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, and.... Exactly like my cheese pizza, leave it off mine! ”, “ I 'm totally onboard for!! No olives or peppers though, is it weird to ask for on... Good, you think my tricks are fishy everyone green with envy! ”, I. On that one s toppings to be supreme, too my body no., pal crust gets crispy on the peel to a party two cheese pizzas please... Pork only, gim me a flammkuchen. ”, “ a bacon pizza now how! I know I ’ m like this like me best thing about vegan pizza is eggplant? ” “. Anything taste good on pizza! ”, “ I 've been into card lately... Pizza … Home made pizza pet raven has a pwetty logo pizzas are simple the half., okay? one of them too, huh Round 2! ” good pizza, great pizza how to get pesto that! I do n't put cheese or meats on my pizza. ”, “ 've.