There were approximately 5 miles to cover before we could set up camp for the night, and we were on a mission to make up for lost time. Use your own good judgement and common sense when exploring. Start at[masked], [masked].Backcountry backpacking - camp on trail. The name Loyalsock Creek is taken from the Indian phrase "Lawi-Saquick," meaning middle creek, and flows between Muncy Creek and Lycoming Creek. After taking in There are those days when you’re in such a great mood that nothing can get you down — not a mile-long detour down the wrong trail, not a downpour that soaks through your gear, or a clever rodent that makes off with your coffee. hemlock groves. It utilizes footpaths, old logging roads and railroad grades. Shuttle - Brunnerdale Road. More]]> The summer of 2012 was the year of waterfalls. Described here is a 17 mile circuit with a 5 mile After about 8 years of wanting to hike this trail, i did it. The terrain along the Loyalsock Trail has been very diverse, but this was like stepping into a totally different world. Undaunted, I arranged a shuttle service to get me to the far end of the trail — just me safely distanced in a ten-person van — and focused on a solo outing. It utilizes footpaths, old logging roads and railroad campsite. It leads to a nice set of mini-falls. Trail Description The LT is blazed with yellow disks having red LT letters in the center. The Loyalsock Trail is an adventurous trek through rugged mountains in the Loyalsock State Forest. Finally!! Forest). Well, I may or may not have had a little hissy fit right there on the side of the mountain. Trail The Link Loop is around 25 miles and perfect for a long weekend trip. route but keep in mind the fact that the trail is narrow, Turn right and follow the yellow blazes as it Close • Posted by just now. Hey all! Please be safe and we will continue with remote instruction on Monday, December 21, 2020. Cest la vie. Directions, Parking, & Shuttle Service for the Loyalsock Trail Primary parking is available at both the Western terminus along Route 87 and the Eastern terminus along U.S. Route 220. I left a day early so that I wouldn’t have to get up so early to make the 3 hour drive on Saturday. TOPO! I had a fascination with waterfalls and was interested in viewing the many falls we had in Pennsylvania. turns right, away from the run, and climbs a short distance. (Try saying that three times fast!). Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Most of the trail is on Pennsylvania State Forest lands, in … The next two intersection would be Coal Mine Road, where the day hiker had parked, and the yellow-blazed Worlds End Trail, a 3.5 mile ski trail leading to Worlds End State Park’s Visitor’s Center. Tim and Ryan accompanied me on this hike. This The trail crosses the The park has tons of camping spaces, cabins, and pavilions that are quite active in both the summer and fall. register the vehicles you leave at the Visitor Center. In Loyalsock Trail es un sendero de punto a punto de 56.4 millas localizado cerca de Dushore, Pensilvania. The blue-blazed side trail that leads to Angel Falls wasn’t even 2 miles from Brunnerdale Road. We picked up what looked like another jeep or haul road on the other side of the grove. During our siesta, a day hiker appeared from the opposite direction we had just traveled — an indication that a road was nearby. To your left will be a forest of I thru-hiked the trail in March; it was still cold (down to 20 degrees), but there was no longer snow on the ground. marker 14. Or at least sections 4 & 5 were. 0.2 miles before finally reaching the junction with a blue Here the trail The In 0.4 miles from Split Rock the trail turns left onto a few steps before leaving it for a footpath. The Loyalsock continues its mercurial ways, dropping off of the Allegheny Plateau, then regaining the heights on a three-mile walk on Genesee Trail Road (4). cascades and Allie McDonald took the business over for her father, and she and her husband, Patrick, will drop you off at whichever entry point you prefer. leaving the grade, and climbing steeply. Run drainage is had here. Run Road in 0.5 miles. might feel that this will be an easy climb as the pitch of Day 2 of our Loyalsock trip started on a really great high, but along the way, I momentarily slipped into that other mental state. Check out our new and improved places directory. Make sure you There is more climbing to do but it is much more gradual. A nice view of the Dry However, there are some sections of roads, trails, and natural areas where camping is prohibited. If it weren’t for the lack of water, Alpine View would be my favorite place on the Loyalsock Trail. The last So I counted those suckers as I climbed…. The Loyalsock Trail (LT) is a 59.2 mi (95.3 km) hiking trail along Loyalsock Creek in Lycoming and Sullivan counties in north central Pennsylvania in the United States. World’s End State Park is located in the Loyalsock Forest in the crook of the Loyalsock Creek (or crick, if you prefer) in Sullivan County. Please be safe and we will continue with remote instruction on Monday, December 21, 2020. Primary parking is available at both the Western terminus along Route 87 and the Eastern terminus along U.S. Route 220. When you use Places, you Loyalsock Trail BP Backpackers should register at the Visitor’s Center before starting an overnight hike — there’s a large billboard outside where you can get a signup sheet, and a mail slot at the door where you can leave your information. The forest floor is blanketed in soft ferns and dotted with moss-covered downed trees and rocks — green on green on green. Meals will be served, drive through, between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. at the front entrance of the Loyalsock Township High School and at Donald Schick Elementary School. crossing can range in difficulty from a mere rock hop to a Browse Places. If you continue Browse Places. Most of the Loyalsock Trail is located within the Loyalsock State Forest, with the remainder on private land. with hemlock. If you nice campsite here as well and a seasonal spring cascading The LT follows mountain ridges and streams through the Loyalsock Creek watershed as it travels through the woods on footpaths, old logging roads and abandoned railroad grades. Needless to say, I didn’t finish. Cross the west fork of Beneath the canopy of green that stretched below us was 2,600 acres of wilderness accessible only by foot. Turn right on an old Non-TOPO! technically challenging rock hop. right onto a footpath and climb steeply, crossing the east fork Angel Falls and Trail Distance: 54.2 miles; Location: Worlds End State Park; As one of the few places for through hiking near Philadelphia, Loyalsock Trail is a stunning backcountry trail area that offers experienced, advanced-level hikers a chance for a multi-day adventure. The Loyalsock Trail begins and ends at Williamsport, PA and Dushore, PA. Williamsport is the Western trailhead, while Dushore is the Eastern. The trail takes advantage of long-abandoned timber roads and railroad grades, reminders of the logging industry. I had mixed feelings about leaving the Loyalsock Trail and jumping on another path, skipping miles I had really been looking forward to. There are a few small reasons, and one very big reason. Don’t mistake the yellow disc with a red “X” for an LT marker — these blazes indict the Link Trail and other alternate routes, including a 30-mile loop known as the Loyalsock Link Loop. with red LTs painted on them. The hike begins by following We bushwhacked, we jumped from downed tree to downed tree, we postponed lunch (never a good idea). at the top We had originally given some thought to doing a hike on this trail in the spring, but that trip was cancelled. Described here is a 17 mile circuit with a 5 mile out and back to the beautiful Haystack area of Loyalsock … on the LT you’ll arrive at the top of of the road, turning sharply to the right and climbing very Tiene una cascada y es calificado como moderado. Needless to say, I didn't finish. Creek in 1.4 miles from the Angel Falls spur. it again (it’s a one way loop!). small waterfalls and cascades each Keep a sharp eye out for blazes. The use of blazed connectors, ski trails and old logging roads and grades make smaller loops possible (especially in the eastern portion of the trail). The group deemed it unwise to carpool up and shuttle cars from end-to-end as a formal outing. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. This 59-mile trail passes through the rugged forested mountains and valleys of the Loyalsock State Forest. Loyalsock Trail. Change ). you have to make up for any elevation lost by taking this route. But when I reached the top of that fifth switch and saw another one to climb? Our arranged shuttle showed up right in time, Thank-you Allie!! The grade was easy going, but there had been a ton of damage from the recent hurricane that had touched down in the park just weeks before. When you use Places, you Rodes Fall. Parking is also available at most locations where the trail crosses a state forest road. Most hikers begin at the Western terminus for two reasons: 1) a larger parking lot offers ample parking for overnight stays if … Report Trail Damage; Membership; Links; Facebook Email. want to turn left on the road and walk the 0.3 miles to the Meals will be served, drive through, between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. at the front entrance of the Loyalsock Township High School and at Donald Schick Elementary School. Notes: The Loyalsock Trail (LT) is blazed with yellow disks Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. 0.5 miles to beautiful Dutters Run. It was hard to hear each other over the roar of the falls, so we mostly sat in silence taking in the experience in one of those together-but-alone moments that happen when you’re backpacking with someone. The cost was $80 for me and my hiking partner. ( Log Out /  I left a day early so that I wouldn't have to get up so early to make the 3 hour drive on Saturday.… Allie McDonald Patrick McDonald . it can be very boggy. under the hemlocks and surrounded on three sides by water. Turn Turn left and in 0.4 This linear trip features steep climbs and descents, beautiful waterworks, nice campsites and five vistas. We knew the Loyalsock Creek and Route 87 were somewhere below the thick green trees that spread out from the rock cliff, but we couldn’t hear either from such a height.

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