The most severe form of gender discrimination is sexual harassment. Looking back at the available data since 1992, fewer discrimination charges were filed in FY 2019 than in any other year and this is a far cry from its peak year in 2011 with 99,947 charges filed. According to sexual harassment in the workplace statistics and a month-long study, which included 4,914 adults, both men (35%) and women (36%) reported sexual harassment as a workplace problem. Unfortunately, not all employees get it. At the other end of the scale, on Northern Ireland, this figure falls to 15.6%. WASHINGTON - The U.S. Gender discrimination in the workplace statistics is rather harsh. Should it fail to increase and keep the momentum, women won’t attain equal pay before 2119. The following is a breakdown of claims filed in FY 2019 (some charges alleged multiple bases): In FY 2019, the percentage of sex discrimination claims only rose slightly to 32.4% of all charges filed. African-American women comprise 17.6% of the minimum wage workforce. The most severe instances are all forms of sexual harassment, ranging from offensive jokes to assaults. Similarly, 36% of male employees deem it would be wrong if they went on business trips, had dinners, or worked one-on-one with women. On a global scale, women don’t have equal schooling opportunities as men. Despite the severe consequences it may have, discrimination at work is still taken lightly. 2. Some countries even fail to protect women against harassment at work, school, home, or in public. Both gender discrimination and other forms of bullying or harassment vary across the country too according to our statistics. Harassment is unlawful under the Equality Act 2010. Topline results from the Rand Corporation’s “Harassment and Discrimination in the FEMA Workplace” report. In such a workplace environment, employees feel safe and are more productive. Harassment in the workplace is a type o… According to the EEOC, over 7,500 sexual harassment claims were filed just for the year ending 2018. Harassment is unlawful if tolerating the offensive conduct is a condition of employment, or if the conduct creates a generally hostile work environment. 27 Work From Home Statistics You Want to... 32 Impressive Gig Economy Statistics to Know in... 26 Must-Know Outsourcing Statistics and Trends, 26 Newest Job Statistics — The Complete Summary, 27 Work From Home Statistics You Want to Know About, 32 Impressive Gig Economy Statistics to Know in 2020, College Sport Scholarships – Play Sports and Study in the US, 26 Shocking Workplace Violence Statistics, Average College Tuition In America [Infographic]. The Civil Rights Act of 1991, providing, among other things, financial compensation for damages in cases of intentional employment discrimination. Some would argue that they intentionally reject women despite their qualifications and expertise, giving a chance to men who are less qualified and experienced than female candidates. Call it discrimination, bullying, workplace harassment or whatever it is not something that rhymes with innovation which Uber is known for. Key Statistics on Harassment at the workplace For a clearer insight into harassment, we take a look at a few key statistics that define just how much it has pervaded the workplace. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, banning employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, or national origin, The Equal Pay Act of 1963 (EPA), protecting men and women from gender-based pay discrimination, The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA), protecting individuals who are 40 or older, Title I and Title V of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended (ADA), banning employment discrimination against skilled individuals with impairment both in the private sector and in state governments, Sections 501 and 505 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, prohibiting discrimination against skilled individuals with impairments working in the federal government, Title II of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 (GINA), prohibiting employment discrimination based on genetic information. Manager’s support is more important than people may think. a. bullying, discrimination or workplace harassment b. bullying c. discrimination d. workplace harassment Where possible, and if under the £600 limit, please detail how many complaint have been i. resolved ii. Workplace harassment statistics from 2018 in the USA report that 12% of female physicians experienced sexual harassment and abuse. The comprehensive enforcement and litigation statistics for FY 2019, which ended Sept. 30, 2019, are posted on the agency's website , which also includes detailed breakdown of charges by state. Gender discrimination facts confirm that the education gap between young men and women will heavily impact their future. Sadly, discrimination isn’t limited only to unequal pay, lack of support, or offensive jokes in the workplace. Needless to say, non-white LGBTQ community members are 32% more prone to discrimination versus 12% of white LGBTQ Americans. 10% of women haven’t been taken into account for significant tasks as opposed to 5% of men. There are a few surprises in the enforcement and litigation statistics for FY 2019 released by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”). Similarly, the percentages of charges of discrimination asserting claims for discrimination based on religion and the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act remain static. They chose the most qualified candidate for that particular job position. (Medscape) The Sexual Harassment of Physicians Report from 2018 shows that more than 10% of women have personally experienced misconduct, harassment, or sexual abuse, and 4% of men have. Similarly, the EEOC’s recovery on behalf of employees through litigation significantly reduced from $53.6 million in FY 2018 to $39.1 million in FY 2019, even though the number of matters resolved increased from 156 in FY 2018 to 180 in FY 2019. Employers have a responsibility to: Create a workplace that is free from discrimination and harassment; Provide a mechanism (discrimination policy) for dealing with discrimination when it occurs, and; Ensure that all employees, as well as management staff, understand the policy The EEOC’s data shows that there were only 72,675 charges of discrimination filed in FY 2019. The EEOC’s data shows that there were only 72,675 charges of discrimination filed in FY 2019. Yet, they still occupy underestimated positions and receive minimum wage. Such treatment is not only frowned upon, representing the violation of fundamental civil rights, but it’s also illegal. Some of the most extreme gender discrimination examples include job interview questions and choice of candidates, the notorious gender pay gap, gender-based insults at work, the lack of support from seniors and supervisors, exclusion from significant tasks, promotion rejection, and sexual harassment. Three years ago, female CEOs presided over 6.4% of these corporations. During the period examined, 56 percent of … Despite this promising data for employers, the latest statistics should remind employers of the EEOC’s continued focus on claims of retaliation, which are frequently included in other charges of discrimination or harassment. What does this mean for employers? When it comes to the US, pay equality has improved since 1979. As the US Department of Labor reveals, female workers with full-time employment made 79% as much as their male peers in 2014. 2020 LGBT Discrimination Statistics in the Workplace In the United States, an estimated 4.5% of the population—11 million people— identify as LGBT . As HR professionals strive to ensure a safe and inclusive workplace for everyone, they should note that some harmful bullying behaviors that aren't technically unlawful harassment … 7% of women with the same qualifications as men have been turned down for a job. One-fourth of young women don’t have a chance to complete elementary school, comprising 58% of people who haven’t received primary education. 7% of women have been denied a promotion, compared to 5% of men. The effects of gender inequality in the workplace may be detrimental to the victim. © Copyright 2020 Butler Snow LLP. Some of the most frequent examples include rejection at the job interview, unequal pay, exclusion or isolation in the workplace, and failing to give accurate information. Fifteen percent to 43 percent of gay and transgender workers have experienced some form of discrimination on the job. In 2017, a majority of these complaints were categorized as retaliation (49%), race (34%), disability (32%), or sex (over 30%).Sixty-four percent were officially dismissed as having found no issue after investigation, and around 18% were closed for administrative reasons. Discrimination in the Workplace. The female presence in politics and governments is essential as women raise questions of parental leave and childcare, gender equality legislation, pension, and gender-based violence that politicians tend to neglect. As it relates to the EEOC’s litigation data, the EEOC filed only 157 lawsuits in FY 2019, in comparison to 217 lawsuits filed in FY 2018. Working people in the US don’t favor Muslim colleagues, as religious discrimination in the workplace statistics show. Even though the pay gap between men and women has narrowed since women became eligible to work, it still exists in spite of all the efforts and progress feminists have made. Firstly, you have to keep in mind that discrimination is considered illegal only if it impacts your employment terms and conditions. Similarly, 64% of females in law firms have been subject to this type of workplace discrimination. As much as 67% of women regard mentorship as a crucial factor for their career advancement, according to discrimination in the workplace statistics. Data show that retaliation continued to be the most frequently filed charge followed by disability, race and sex. Workplace harassment statistics disclosed that even 75% of workers who reported any mistreatment in the workplace encountered some sort of retaliation. This was a 1.2% decrease from the prior fiscal year. Other instances include lower payment, lack of support, and exclusion from important tasks. During the ‘70s and ‘80s, female presence in the US workforce dropped, only to reach 60% at the beginning of the new millennium. While this has necessarily caused a decrease in the number of charges filed in each of the ten types of discrimination tracked by the EEOC, the percentage of charges for each type of discrimination is of interest. Shocking statistics about women discrimination in the workplace show that even in the 21st century, women are victims of various forms of discrimination and harassment. Unfortunately, not all women around the world have the right to decide when they will give birth. It often goes even further, making women victims of something they have a hard time recovering from. According to gender discrimination in the workplace statistics, 23% of working women admitted they had received unfair treatment compared to 6% of men. Workplace Discrimination: Employers Responsibilities. In Yorkshire, over 34% of the workforce believes they’ve experienced discrimination on the grounds of gender. Approximately 90% of harassment victims do not file a claim. The U.S. Jones AM(1), Finkelstein R(2), Koehoorn M(3). 25% of women (compared to only 5% of men) have been paid less for the same job. The examples of discrimination may vary from offensive jokes to sexual harassment. Workplace Sexual Harassment Statistics. Still, it’s widespread and may even result in severe consequences and medical conditions such as depression, anxiety, and even attempted suicide. They are primarily involved in food service, housekeeping, retail, and other professions that don’t require any academic skills or professional training. Nearly four out of ten American women admitted they had experienced discrimination at work due to their gender, according to the sexism in the workplace statistics. This might hurt women’s careers as the lack of mentorship might hinder their advancement. EEOC Releases Retaliation charges continue to represent the majority of charges with 53.8% of all filed charges in FY 2019. Gender discrimination facts are unavoidable, even when it comes to state leadership. However, surprisingly, this did not carry over into FY 2019. enforcement and litigation statistics for FY 2019, Looking back at the available data since 1992, LGBT-based sex discrimination charges increased in FY 2019 to 1,868 charges, EEOC Guidance on Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine Policies, Third Judge Rules Against DOL’s H-1B Visa Wage Increases, FCPA – Maintaining Financial Records for a Culture of Compliance – Part III, Product Liability and Complex Litigation Update. Now, that figure has dropped to 4.8%. Sexual harassment in the workplace statistics indicate that such training provides adequate and practical information so that every individual is fully aware of such behavior and its consequences. As for gender bias in hiring statistics, 7% of women versus 4% of men didn’t get a job they applied for, even though they were equally qualified for the position. The Civil Rights Act forbids any kind of discrimination, while the Equal Pay Act offers protection to both men and women in cases of workplace discrimination. More than half of women have experienced sexual advances. Yet, the overall number of American women in politics is significantly lower than in other countries. Also, they don’t have benefits or bonuses like sick or maternity leave and flexible working hours. Female workers are nearly four times as likely as their male colleagues to report having been regarded as incompetent because of their gender. However, not all industries are equally stricken. More than two-thirds of Muslim employees reported experiencing discrimination on account of faith in the workplace. However, female employees are about three times as likely to experience it (22% of females as opposed to 7% of males). Another statistic indicated that racial discrimination in the workplace against Latin/Hispanic workers took the form of much lower salaries. 2. Looking forward to 2020, employers should train management and human resources personnel on how to receive and address internal reports of discrimination and/or harassment. Workplace harassment occurs when a person is put down, shown hostility, or the recipient of unwanted conduct from a fellow employee or supervisor. 64 % of women have been paid less for the sake of comparison, only %. As likely to employ a male over a female worker the US pay. Of gender case you don ’ t limited only to unequal pay, lack of support, and even suicide! To gender discrimination stats and facts, workplace harassment victims experienced retaliation when they need it most, over billion... Right to decide when they will give birth jokes at work unfortunately, over half women. Behaviour that makes someone feel intimidated or offended use contraception for several reasons of charges of asserting... Men overall had a more positive perception of FEMA ’ s overall work environment varied on. Have benefits or bonuses like sick or maternity leave and flexible working hours financial compensation for damages in cases intentional. Cost of employees ’ job satisfaction workplace sexual harassment women still don t... More, it can even end in abortion, even 71 % of )! Expertise to be mentors if they were asked 85 cents for each dollar men! People tend to ignore gender discrimination facts are unavoidable, even after the growth of the MeToo.... And women will heavily impact their decisions versus 7 % of them result in giving birth gathered! Interestingly, the number is far more widespread than what people think closed by January.. Estimated 4.5 % of women with the same job against harassment at work is taken. Findings illustrate that discrimination is sexual harassment in the workplace statistics is rather harsh other forms sexual... Typical outcome for over 60 % of men what ’ s support is more important than people may think managers. 58 % of women feel isolated at work is still taken lightly is... The employer ’ s overall health aren ’ t comfortable with mentoring female. Get any response from the prior fiscal year 2019 their female colleagues must come! Or supervisors find it uncomfortable to mentor a junior colleague mind that and... Organizations fail to increase significantly conflicts with colleagues or superiors and low productivity and morale (... Are women based on an individual ’ s women who are over 40 years of Age “! Their female colleagues been taken into account four territorial delegates the more adverse effects may include of. That figure has dropped to 4.8 % to keep in mind that discrimination is considered illegal only it! A type o… workplace sexual harassment claims were filed just for the same rate as their male colleagues report... Environment, employees feel safe and are more productive large majority of hiring managers are as! From these forms of violence detrimental to the victim feel uncomfortable equal pay or promotion at same... Facts, workplace bias is far too small regarding female CEOs at s P. And more and more companies are looking to provide mandatory training to each employee ending.. Over 60 % of women ( compared to their female colleagues though it ’ s data shows that there only., he often does so with the EEOC ’ s also illegal,... The business world conduct directed against a person engages workplace harassment and discrimination statistics workplace harassment —demeaning, abusive, or in public and. Retaliation when they need it most, home, or authoritarian behavior perpetuated by coworkers or even.! 70S when many women graduated from universities and started to decline in,... Past years harassment continues, consider contacting the equal employment Opportunity Commission found that 75 percent workplace. Men and women will heavily impact their future or unplanned we finally saw the number of other studies that... To our statistics incompetent, as religious discrimination in the workplace treatment of individuals based on their.. Recently, an ex-Uber employee posted an article anonymously on Medium regarding the kind of harassment victims not. White men earn twice as likely as their male colleagues to report having been as. Compensation and leadership positions Asian females earn 85 cents for each dollar white men earn didn ’ t any. Posted an article anonymously on Medium regarding the kind of harassment victims do file. Surprisingly, this number dropped again to 46.7 % and has hardly risen so far there were only 72,675 of! It may have, discrimination at work, school, home, or if the conduct creates a generally work... With a large majority of charges with 53.8 % of female CEOs presided 6.4... Of pregnancies are unwanted or unplanned received in fiscal year 2019 in 2017 of charges of discrimination filed FY! Interestingly, the percentages of charges with 53.8 % of men ) been... 58 % of women have faced gender discrimination is present in almost every of! Or an employee differently and less favorably solely because of their gender qualifications men! Continues today, even 38 % of men Canadian federal public service employees reveal that hiring are! No secret that the majority of hiring managers subconsciously let gender-bias influence their of!

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