Racing Portal With effect from 1 Jan 2020, Singapore Turf Club will cease to update Racing Information in the current website. Where there are clear indications, and conclusions can be drawn with fair certainty, we have drawn them; if it is a matter of probability or possibility we have put it that way, being careful not to say the one when we mean the other; and where real conclusions are not to be drawn, we have been content to state the facts. Call the National Gambling Helpline: freephone 0808 8020 133 8am to midnight, 7 days a week. In Victoria, we handicap from the top weight downwards to the required minimum. You enter the required information found in a typical racing form and this hand held calculator punches out a racing index number for every horse. Freeze, and Owendale. Then, examine the comments on the horses with a view to considering what factors, other than weight, might also affect the outcome of the race. Free horse racing betting calculator for handicappers to determine cost of exotic wagers based on wager type and combinations. Horse racing today is more complex than ever with racing on for 364 days of year 2020. LP Ratings (Late Pace) measure how fast a horse ran from the pre-stretch call (2nd point of call) to the finish. We wouldn't want you to miss out on our amazing offers. In short, both in our thinking and in the setting out of our views we have aimed at precision. Our website, mobile app and phone betting will not be accessible on Mon, 21 Dec, 10pm to Tue, 22 Dec, 7am due to scheduled maintenance. My interest in horse racing dates back a long time – fifty years in fact. Note that Betfair Exchange prices are available to logged in customers Angler Big Data for horse racing. Please bet responsibly. Trips can tell you a horse’s class and ability and a horse’s class can tell you their class and ability. The amount of this top-weight is written in the race conditions, highlighted left. click on our website to see test results We have many calculator products that aren't yet listed on our website! Horse Racing Handicapping Pocket Calculator. Santa Anita Park, now in the palm of your hand. The RBH template provides a guide for interested parties of the weight a horse may be allocated in each rating band. “Past Class” is a big handicapping plus and is often overlooked by many players. A Handicapper’s role is to ensure racing is delivered at a competitive level through the allocation of weights to be carried by each horse in a race with the purpose of equalising their chances of winning. Today Australia horse racing is a 7 day a week, multiple meetings in most states 363 days of the year horse racing machine. Horse Racing is a Numbers Game. The TWFA varies according to the horse’s age, the race’s distance and the time of year. You must be 18 years old or over to use this site. Horse Racing is a Numbers Game. The above is the general routine procedure. A handicap race in horse racing is a race in which horses carry different weights, allocated by the handicapper. Click the +BET button to add your selections and then, when you’re ready, hit ‘Bet Now’ to go to your chosen … There are numbers on the horses. If all your selections run and win, Betfred will pay you a bonus in cash of up to 25% on your total winnings. ... these old programs are a bit like using the even older “systems” that required manual entry into a pocket calculator, compared to the speed & power new software could provide, ... Al, thanks for your comment. Our Customer Service … Bad trips at high classes usually signify great horses, while good trips at lower classes usually signify luck. If a horse runs a poor race, the handicapper will reassess its mark and will consider reducing it As you can see, handicaps can be a complex formula, and our how to pick winners’ guide explains in more detail about what to look out for in terms of a horses handicap mark. BRIS Pace Ratings use a fixed scale of 2-points-per-length. The horse with the highest rating carries the heaviest weight. All distances are proportioned back to 5 furlongs and the ratings are calculated on the basis that 1 … Even in the early days of the sport, the act of allowing strokes in golf was called "assigning the odds," which was a task assumed by a group of administrators. Introducing the BLCO Pocket Handicapper No race fan should be without it ! Please consider adding to your ad blocking software whitelist. Once a horse has a rating, it is eligible to participate in handicap races. Code of Honor tops a field of 14 set for Friday’s 146th edition of the Grade 1 Clark Handicap at Churchill Downs. It has been fundamental to Timeform's methodology since it was founded in 1948 and both the accumulated evidence over that period and, even more importantly, the laws of physics, endorse the view that the weight a horse carries and the distance over which it races have an effect on the speed at which it can cover that trip. Ray Taulbot's Pace Calculator makes figuring pace ratings easy because it accurately calculates the combined pace, time and speed of any race. "Turn time" is the second fraction (as given in the past performances) of a race - the quarter-of-a-mile (at distances up to a mile and three sixteenths) distance that is run around the turn for home. The merit of each horse it is possible to weigh up is given as a rating, in pounds, and arrived at by the use of handicapping techniques which include careful examination of a horse’s running against other horses. Affiliate Program The term "handicapping" originated in horse racing where a jockey was handed his odds for the race in a cap (hand-in-cap). Calculator horse page with past performances, results, pedigree, photos and videos. Most importantly, there are statistics. A few minutes checking up on these matters in the commentaries will sometimes put a very different complexion on a race from that which is put upon it by the ratings alone. Handicapping in the UK is a weights system designed to create a leveller playing field in having in-form horses carry more weight. Our website, mobile app and phone betting will not be accessible on Mon, 21 Dec, 10pm to Tue, 22 Dec, 7am due to scheduled maintenance. Horse racing handicapping opens the sport of horse racing to the widest possible pool of horses, owners and trainers whilst also ensuring the result is exciting and engaging racing … 56 likes. You can also place single bets from the Bet Slip – just click the price in the Bet Slip. // --> Handicap races make up the majority of horse races run in the United Kingdom and Ireland on both flat and National Hunt courses. The best class jumpers to play are those that tailed off, dropped in class and are now moving back up while appearing to have regained their form. Each-Way Rules. Waterdale has the best chance at the weights and Snake Path the worst. Let us help! Add one point to the rating for each pound the horse has to carry less than the TWFA given, or subtract one point for every pound he has to carry more. Please visit the Racing Portal at for all racing updates and information. Query our database of over 200,000 races to find profitable betting angles. 4. aims to promote responsibility in gambling. As horse betting became easier thanks to the appearance of the horse betting calculator a rise in the number of bets was shown and new punters emerged in the game. click on our website to see test results Our Bet Slip allows you to build up your selections before you begin placing multiple bets with your favourite bookmakers. Min £10 (or £5 e/w) on a Horse Racing market. Add one point to the rating for each pound the horse has to carry less than the TWFA given, or subtract one point for every pound he has to carry more. Handicapping in Horse Racing Explained. Hey guys this is Joe Kaufman with a great way to handicap a horserace very quickly and efficiently. Ignore the Drivers. At least 2 of your selections must win for you to get a return. If a horse runs to near its rating, then its handicap mark will stay the same or close to the same. Timeform Race Cards will appear here when available. Introducing the BLCO Pocket Handicapper No race fan should be without it ! click on our website to see test results Horse racing betting with all UK and Irish racing over the next 24 hours, plus latest news, market movers, stats and bookie offers. RAY TAULBOT'S PACE CALCULATOR Pace handicapping has been used by professional handicappers for decades because pace ratings tell them something that speed sheets and final times can't-which horses will fade, and which can carry on to win. Winning money betting on the horses all begins with learning how to handicap the horse races.We’re going to give you a lot of help by teaching you basic and advanced techniques that will give you the … There are distances. Select a bet amount in the left column. A golf handicap is intended as a measure of a golfer's potential playing ability. There is no reason whatever why, after the age and weight adjustments have been made to the ratings, small additional allowances should not be made for these matters of jockeyship. See who is a fan of Calculator. Computabet is a handicapping tool. Timeform also provide a couple of premium tipping services, in the form of Jury Daily and TV Focus, the latter of which covers the ITV racing, including big races such as the Cheltenham Festival, Grand National and Royal Ascot. Simply click a price on Race Passes and we’ll take you off to place your bet with your favourite bookmaker. Data on the Timeform website is protected by © and database rights and may not be used for any purpose without a licence. 56 likes. The higher the handicap of a golfer, the poorer the golfer's ability relative to that of a person with a lower handicap. All Accounts - Place a Lucky 15, Lucky 31, Lucky 63, Yankee, Canadian or Heinz on Horse Racing, Greyhounds, Virtual Horse racing or Virtual Greyhounds. Field - and satisfied customer - testing prove the BLCO Pocket Handicapper can produce more winners and more "in the money" finishes than ever thought possible. Check your betting odds now! For example, the ability of a horse to accommodate himself to the conformation of the track. “Pace makes the race” is a well-known axiom in Thoroughbred racing because early pace affects every horse, especially in dirt races. bookmaker’s site and place your bets. Introducing the BLCO Pocket Handicapper No race fan should be without it ! The inner nerd in me loves the old fashioned calculator layout. By Timeform — published 5th February 2014, FESTIVE 2-FOR-1 RACE CARDS: KING GEORGE DAY 26TH DEC, FESTIVE 2-FOR-1 RACE CARDS: WELSH NATIONAL DAY 27TH DEC, FESTIVE 2-FOR-1 RACE CARDS: SAVILLS CHASE DAY 28TH DEC, To help personalise content, tailor your experience and help us improve our services, Timeform Horse Betting Calculator as a Handicapping Calculator Another form of a horse racing bet calculator is the horse handicapping calculator, an application designed to determine which horse has the best chances to win, by measuring up factors and figures taken from a vast array. Furthermore, when we say that a horse may not be suited by heavy going, we do not expect the reader to treat it as though we had said the horse is not suited by heavy going. We repeat, therefore, that the correct way to use Timeform, in the analysis of individual races, is first to use the ratings to find out which horses are most favoured by the weights, and second to check through the comments on the horses to see what factors other than weight might also affect the outcome of the race. Manning is considered by most to be one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. Using a handicap with a ratings band of 66-80 as an example, broadly speaking, if a horse has a handicap rating from 66 to 80, this would be a suitable race to enter. In using Timeform to assess the prospects of the various runners in any race, you must first find out which of them are most favoured by the weights by using the ratings to evaluate the chances of all the runners purely on a handicap basis. Calculator horse rating and status. The are speed figures. Horse racing in Australia was at some time in the past a maximum 4 or 5 days a week sport with a fairly leisurely one TAB meeting on most racing days with Monday, Friday and Sunday racing not quite taboo but a rarity. Copyright © 2002InsertCopyrightYear() intelliHoldings. That's right. Ante-post odds in Cheltenham Festival Betting and Grand National Odds. A tool to simplify the job and select the best chances in the race. Meaning another favourable strategy is to run a young two-year old horse over a short distance several times just before the end of the season. The ratings that appear in in Race Passes and the Timeform Race Card are already adjusted to the weights allocated in the race. In horse racing a handicap race is where each horse is given weight, according to its ability, in attempt to ensure each horse has an equal chance of winning. Bad trips at high classes usually signify great horses, while good trips at lower classes usually signify luck. When handicapping a horse race most people look at the relative abilities of each horse and judge them according to the past performance information they see in the racing program. The procedure for making age and weight adjustments to the ratings (i.e for the calculation of Race Ratings) is as follows:-. 56 likes. It’s a big topic, and an important one at that so I’ve broken this post down into 4 manageable chunks: why you need to understand the UK horse racing handicapping system; how the ‘handicapper’ rates a horses potential, and what they do next; what it … The NHC is world’s richest and most prestigious handicapping tournament of the year for horseplayers and is the culmination of a year-long series of NTRA-sanctioned local tournaments conducted by racetracks, casino race books, off-track betting facilities, and horse racing and handicapping websites, each of which sends its FREE EXOTIC WAGER COST CALCULATOR Use this calculator to determine … This article explains some of the intricacies behind that process. Just enter your name and the names of the horses and we'll tell you the likeliness of a win. That's as little as 40p per card! Most importantly, there are statistics. Our Customer Service … Select a bet type in the right column. The official line from the Racing Post is that a mature horse carrying 9 stone with a rating of 100 has the ability to meet Racing Post Standard Time in a race that is truly run on good going. The weight gap between the highest rated horse and the remainder of the field is reduced, providing for less horses to be weighted outside the handicap. 56 likes. All Accounts - Place a Lucky 15, Lucky 31, Lucky 63, Yankee, Canadian or Heinz on Horse Racing, Greyhounds, Virtual Horse racing or Virtual Greyhounds. It is not the purpose of this article to justify adjusting ratings to weights carried. But there is no reason why the quality of jockeyship should not be taken into account in assessing the chances of horses in a race. Uses information easily found in any track program, Daily Racing Form, or guide, Predicts the logical contenders and winners in any race at any distance or track. Copyright © 2002InsertCopyrightYear() intelliHoldings.findCartLink(); Info and Our Policies | Help Center | Search | Product Index | Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. There is just one further point that arises in evaluating the chances of the horses on the basis of their ratings; the question of jockeyship in general, and riders’ allowances in particular. T&Cs apply. Timeform is a registered trade mark of Timeform Limited. Ranch, Taulbot used his tenure at ATM to develop and popularize his ground-breaking pace and speed handicapping strategies. Waterdale has … It counts for little that the horse is thrown in at the weights if it has no pretensions whatever to staying the distance, or is unable to act on the prevailing going. We agree that there is definitely room for more horse racing software development. Timeform Terms of Use. All selections must run for the Bonus to apply. As the highlight of the fall meeting, the 1 1/8-mile Clark carries a purse of $500,000 and also includes multiple graded stakes winners By My Standards, Mr. RACE CONDITIONS: Does the horse … Many punters are put off Asian Handicap markets because the quarter handicaps are initially difficult to get your head around. Where a horse has only one rating--either because it has raced only on one type of surface or because its form on turf and artificial surfaces isn't markedly different--it is used for races on both turf and artificial surfaces. Another way of looking at it is to see the universal rating handicap as four handicaps side by side: one for two-year-olds, one for three-yearolds, one for four-year-olds and one for older horses. It presents you with different options to choose from when it comes to the market type – Asian Handicap for Home or Away team as well as Asian Handicap for Over and Under goals. Those who use such pace figures also emphasise the importance of knowing how a horse ran its last race. The TWFA varies according to the horse’s age, the race’s distance and the time of year. The are speed figures. Info and Our Policies | Help Center | Search | Product Index | BRIS E1 and E2 Pace numbers illustrate the advantage for bettors.In Race 3 at Gulfstream Park on March 17, Fulfilled Fantasy was the only member of the field to have registered E1 and E2 Pace Ratings in the 90s in the last two starts. Incidentally, in setting out the various characteristics, requirements and peculiarities of each horse in its commentary, we have expressed ourselves in as critical a manner as possible, endeavouring to say just as much as the facts seem to warrant. Thus a three-year-old rated, for argument’s sake, at 117 is deemed to be identical in point of ‘merit’ with a four-year-old also rated at 117; but for them to have equal chances in, say, a mile race in May, the three-year-old would need to be receiving 9 lb from the four-year-old, which is the weight difference specified by Timeform's Age, Weight and Distance Table. Horse Racing Handicapping Pocket Calculator. N.B. One of the best bets is a horse with controlling speed. BLCO Pocket Handicapper Calculator for Thoroughbred and Harness Horseracing Home > Gaming > BLCO Pocket Handicapper Calculator for Thoroughbred and Harness Horseracing: BLCO Pocket Handicapper makes it easy for anyone to handicap thoroughbred horse races and pick winners in minutes. Horse Racing Handicapping Pocket Calculator. View all our tipsters' selections in Cheltenham Tips. in the Bookmaker Manager, or use the Currently Showing selection screen. It’s because I think Manning’s story makes the point that time matters when evaluating athletic performances. Turf racing vs. dirt racing is like baseball vs. football; 2 different games, and you have to know how to play each, the right way, in order to win. The aim of Timeform is to supply accurate information as to the merit and racing character of every runner, and to present it in a form in which it may be of greatest practical use in assessing the prospects in a race. You can view the bet result for a specific scoreline, or you can analyse every possible scenario for a particular wager. We will automatically display the best Also includes a bonus harness horse racing program! The amount of this top-weight is written in the race conditions, highlighted left. Payment restrictions apply. This, however, is a matter which must be left to the discretion of the customer. click on our website to see test results They provide information to help you make informed decisions about your gambling. odds from your chosen bookmakers. Timeform is a sports data and content provider. Also includes a bonus harness horse racing program! Analyse the horse racing odds based on the horse's name. Ganimede has the best chance at the weights and Ethmaar the worst. only and are not included in the best odds calculation. Min odds Evs (2.0). There are numbers on the horses. Don't forget that you can Try it Risk-Free thanks to our 30-day money back guarantee!Features: Did you know: The allowance which may be claimed by a rider is given to enable such riders to obtain race-riding experience against experienced jockeys. … Horse Racing Handicapping Pocket Calculator. click on our website to see test results Asian Handicap calculator enables you to calculate payoff and profit scenarios for Asian Handicap bets. Horse racing is seasonal, although the handicap system doesn’t have any kind of counter-measure for this. A lot has been written about this (as with most subjects having to do with horse handicapping), but it's an important enough topic to deserve another go-around. Take a look at our hot racing tips for Todays racing. Ignore the Drivers. It is important to mention that all ratings are at weight-for-age, so that equal ratings mean horses of equal merit. Less horses racing outside the handicap creates more competitive betting fields and reduces likelihood of win penalties being … Whether a favorite wins or it’s the longest shot on the board, the track or simulcast outlet gets the same percentage out of your wager. By Dave Williams, Betmix Analyzing the data is the key to solving the puzzle. In this Horse Racing guide, we will be taking a look at handicapping.It is a massive part of the racing world, designed to offer more competitive races. So, why am I talking about football and Peyton Manning in a horse racing article? Valdarno has the best chance at the weights and Arrow Express the worst. Calculator horse page with past performances, results, pedigree, photos and videos. The point betting system requires a … Select the bookmaker prices you want to display on Race Passes by switching the toggles between show and hide Unlock every rating, comment, race, horse, trainer, jockey & result – and depending on when you buy it, up to 50 meetings.