Whether you are looking for some mealtime inspiration to remind you of holidays to Cyprus, or are preparing a Greek dinner party and need some meze ideas, scroll through my list of recipes, and get cooking! Best Birthday Dinner Party - Meze Mazi. Serve with nice crusty bread to mop up all the gorgeous sauce. I� Meze Mazi . The meze table is a traditional gathering place - warm, inviting, and always casual. Try mezze! Website. HUMMUS 3. Feb 20, 2020 - Explore Kendra Holub's board "meze recipes" on Pinterest. To start, prepare the feta. When I first stepped into a little Greek village some thirty years ago, I wasn’t yet aware that each custom I learned would come accompanied by a meatball, each tradition wrapped in phyllo, each conversation moderated with hummus, and each argument made zesty with cucumber-yogurt dip. Use a speed peeler to peel a courgette into ribbons. BABA GHANOUSH 6. It's easy to pull together a few dishes and enjoy a Lebanese mezze, a word derived from mazeh, the Farsi word for "taste." This is a take on fava, a Greek meze of yellow split peas topped with capers and red onion. To host this party, you'll need just five essential ingredients: ouzo cocktails, lemons, a hand-painted table runner, jarred marinated olives and Greek meze. Plus! The Menu. A meze can be as small or as big as you like, so the first thing you want to do when preparing a meze at home is decide on the menu! This style of entertaining encourages people to come and join the party. A meze (also known as mezze, mazze, or mazzeh) is a meal or appetizer course consisting of a bunch of small dishes. See more ideas about Recipes, Appetizer recipes, Appetizer snacks. Of course you can serve mezze in separate small dishes, and I do that often. Greek cuisine has the reputation of being healthy and nutritious, so I wanted to create classic Greek dishes for our dinner. Through the years I’ve come to realize that for me the best part of dinner parties are the appetizers, the drinks, and the socializing before the actual dinner. PART # 1: The Food . ZAATAR MANOUCHE 5. Hosting a Turkish mezze party is as simple as making the mezedes recipes (most of which can be made in advance), setting them out on a big table, and pouring some glasses of wine. If you purchase via the links I may earn a commission. Europe ; United Kingdom (UK) England ; Somerset ; Weston-super-Mare ; Weston-super-Mare Restaurants ; Meze Mazi; Search “Best Birthday Dinner Party” Review of Meze Mazi. If you try these tasty and healthy vegan Mediterranean diet recipes of Lebanese mezze, please let me know, leave a comment and rate it. Take two ribbons in your hand and add a small chunk of feta cheese, a destoned green olive, a mint leaf and a tiny sprinkle of finely chopped fresh red chilli. We started with an assortment of traditional Greek Mezes - or small bites - of olives, sautéed shrimp Saganaki, Tzatziki … They laid it out for us in a few courses and I never wanted to leave. 97 recipes Filter. Find delicious recipes here, for everything from houmous to dolmades. Platters of all sorts and shapes are my ultimate way of eating and entertaining. Here is the menu for my Greek-Cypriot Meze…dishes with an asterisk (*) are the ones I prepared from scratch. If you’re not familiar with a meze you’re probably thinking wow, that’s a lot of food! First Course. You don’t want to miss this jam packed dinner party menu! https://www.greatbritishchefs.com/collections/mezze-recipes A few years ago we did an epic Greek Easter brunch at one of my best friends from college house. Discover all the mouthwatering Greek appetizer recipes done the traditional way. And you can always make two or more platters if you are having a larger party. It is an atmosphere where the plates are communal, the conversation is spirited, and the pace is leisurely. … Scrape hummus into a serving dish, scatter with the seeds and drizzle with oil. So, if you’re getting ready to host a Greek dinner party, keep reading and it sure is to be a success. Sprinkle the leaves from the thyme, the sliced basil, the minced garlic, the red pepper flakes, and the lemon zest all over the feta. Turn your backyard into a seaside utopia inspired by the romantic coastal towns, whitewashed houses and azure sea of the Greek islands. May 17, 2018 - Explore Megan Hinrichsen's board "Greek Meze", followed by 203 people on Pinterest. The Big Picture. Of course, it’s all about the food when it comes to a dinner party. Throughout my travels to Greece and Turkey, I’ve had the chance to sample many different mezedes. It was everything you could have imagined… various meats, cheese, olives, snacks… the list goes on. Learn how to build the perfect Mediterranean party platter w/ hummus, veggies, olives, cheese & more! MOUJADARA 10. Jun 27, 2015 - Ready to ditch those boring party platters? Improve this listing. If you can get different colours of courgettes then having those colours together on the fork is a really nice touch. Party in Five: Mediterranean Dinner Party. "Mezze is the Lebanese form of tapas, and it's great to enjoy a series of small plates served as appetizers or drinks accompaniment with a few people across many plates," Webster says. Move over, tapas, and make room for meze—these tasty Greek nibbles are the ideal party food. TABBOULEH 7. There are a few ingredients that will truly make it a Greek meal; olives and oil, lemon, eggplants, lamb, honey, seafood, and herbs. 45 Oxford Street, Weston-super-Mare BS23 1TN, England +44 1934 626363. To serve, warm flatbreads or pitta and cook any nibbles, following pack instructions. Enjoy! A meze will often include lots of finger foods, so it's a really great tool for entertaining, especially if you don't have enough room for a big seated dinner. 97 photos. In lieu of lots of little dishes, I decided to put together a collection of Greek-inspired noshes on a nice wooden serving board instead. A delicious Greek mezze platter filled with pita bread, dips, fresh vegetables and cheese is the perfect way to feed a crowd and perfect for entertaining. I would love to know what you come up with. This forkful has a Greek vibe to it that really works. Nov 7, 2018 - Explore Debbie's board "dinner party (Greek meze party)", followed by 173 people on Pinterest. Ingredients. Browse through our full collection of delicious Greek appetizers or “mezedes”. Greek Appetizer or meze recipes. Ranked #5 of 275 Restaurants in Weston-super-Mare. In Greek, appetizers are known as orektika (ορεκτικά) and pronounced oh-rek-tee-KAH).They can be hot or cold and are intended to whet the appetite for the meal to come. An authentic small-bite feast to surprise your guests during the holidays or any time of the year. https://www.thehungrybites.com/how-to-make-a-greek-meze-platter SPINACH FATAYERS 2. See more ideas about greek recipes, greek meze, recipes. See more ideas about greek meze, recipes, food. LEBANESE STUFFED ZUCCHINI … The solution; Easy, make-ahead appetizers. A semi homemade baklava dessert and more! This is a Greek recipe for prawn saganaki which is great as a starter or meze. It is a delicious dish that I'd only tried in restaurants, but when I tried to make it at home I found that I can make it just as well. But I also enjoy a beautiful mezze platter display. Luckily, the Greek have plenty of signature dishes to choose from. Find the largest platter you have to display your mezze. FALAFEL 8. Ah, the deep blue waters of Santorini and its majestic buildings… I seriously need to move. https://www.kitchentreaty.com/quick-easy-dinner-mediterranean-meze-platter Affiliate Disclosure I have included affiliate links to useful products and services related to the topic of this post. An array of Greek and Middle Eastern meze makes a fun and elegant dinner party presentation. So I hate spending my time slaving away in the kitchen, while everyone else is having fun in the living room. This post is filled with FOUR full recipes for a mezze platter, greek panzanella, lemon garlic shrimp & salmon and linguini with lemon, capers and burrata! One mezze platter works particularly well for smaller parties of 10 or fewer guests. It was enough to make me want to pack my bags, move to Greece, and take up residence somewhere by the sparkling blue sea. Typically, a meze platter is served with drinks and helps develop your guests’ appetite and prepare their palette. The Greek equivalent to Italian antipasto or Spanish tapas, Greek meze (pronounced meh-ZEH) are a variety of little tasty noshes typically served on small plates in eateries around Greece. From tzatziki and spinach pie to regional recipes like Talatouri, this category got you covered to pick the perfect appetizers for you! PUMPKIN KIBBEH 9. 1. LEBANESE FOUL MOUDAMMAS 4. Lay the feta on a large plate with each slice slightly overlapping the last. Meze Platter is the Greek version of tapas or pre-dinner snacks. This Mediterranean Mezze Platter includes a selection of assorted traditional Greek appetizers, including Kalamata olives, feta cheese, eggplant dip, stuffed grape leaves, vegan fig salami, graviera cheese spread, hummus, and much more.

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