Trouvez les Cholistan images et les photos d’actualités parfaites sur Getty Images. Derawar Fort, Cholistan, Pakistan - March 2008 To the southeast of Dera Nawab, on the edge of the Cholistan Desert, make an exciting day’s outing from either Ahmadpur East or Bahawalpur. This stronghold is the largest and most magnificent fort in Cholistan. Som en terres del Punjab, un dia part de la Índia més occidental. Le fort de Derawar est une grande forteresse carrée à Bahawalpur dans la province du Pendjab au Pakistan.Les quarante bastions de Derawar sont visibles sur des kilomètres dans le désert du Cholistan.Les murs ont une circonférence de 1 500 m et s'élèvent sur 30 m de haut. Apeast Portal. 2.Red Fort Muzaffarabad. 2560 x 1600 jpeg 1997kB. This is a magnificent extensive fort in Bahwalpur, Rohi (Cholistan) desert, owned by the Abbasi family. Report. The forty bastions of Derawar are visible for several miles in the Cholistan Desert. 5 years ago | 180 views. View of the 9th century Derawar Fort amid Cholistan desert, Bahawalpur.─ Photo by Fazal Khaliq. History of Fort. The dilapidating red-bricked fort, which is visible for miles in the vast Cholistan Desert, is surrounded by 30-metre-high bastions along with walls spanning over 1.5 kilometres. Located in the Bahawalpur District of Punjab province , eastern Pakistan. File:Derawar Fort 1 by gul791.jpg - Wikimedia Commons. FORT ABBAS: The ancient forts in the Cholistan Desert attract tourists from across the country who take a keen interest in the history and stories of the region’s civilisations. Follow. Deep within the Cholistan desert lies the massive Derawar Fort. 6 years ago | 2.4K views. 3:28. EXPERIENCE THE WHISPERING DUNES AND GRANDEUR OF CHOLISTAN DESERT Experience the enthralling tour with TDCP, Visit the City of Palaces, Sightseeing Tour, Desert Safari, Cultural Night, … There used to be dozens of forts on its banks, which have turned into sands over time. It is a square fort and each wall is 204.8 meters (672 feet) long, vertical 30 meters (98.4 feet) high and its total circumference of the walls is 1500 meters (4921.5 feet). Watch Queue Queue Choisissez parmi des contenus premium Cholistan Desert de la plus haute qualité. 1500 x 900 jpeg 234kB. Derawar Fort has been considered to be the best surviving example in this group of desert forts. This video is unavailable. Dirawar Fort - Cholistan, Punjab Pakistan. Browse more videos. [2] PLACES TO VISIT IN PAKISTAN Cholistan The Unsettled Desert Six-and-a-half million acres of sprawling desert, nine men to each square kilometre of sand — yet on that morning, Cholistan seemed very much like a small town. . Saved from Browse more videos. Derawar Fort. Some of these structures are still standing today, though others have fallen into ruins. Derawar Fort Bahawalpur is found 100 km (62 miles) from Pakistan. Derawar Fort. There are several forts in Cholistan Region. Apr 11, 2019 - Derawar Fort (Qila Derawar) is built by Hindu Rajput Rai Jajja Bhati of Jaisalmer in the Cholistan desert of Bahawalpur Pakistan. Survey report points out deterioration, occupation of sites 8791 x 3826 jpeg 1691kB. Bahawalpur is the 11 th largest city in Pakistan. Unseen by much of Pakistan, and oftentimes barely even recognized. Jul 2, 2013 - Are you ready for the tour around the world? The huge walls, supported by enormous round buttresses, stand 40 meters (130 feet) high and are 1.5 … Who ever is/are responsible for that should be ashamed. The fort itself is an impressive square building of brick work with high sloping roofs strengthened by bastions. Cholistan Desert; Derawar Fort is the best surviving example of the forts which used to desert caravan routes. The region later became a center for caravan trade, leading to the construction of numerous forts in the medieval period to protect trade routes - of which the Derawar Fort is the best preserved example. Derawar Fort - Wikiwand. The landmarks includes anything that is recognizable, such as a monument or a building, or any other spot to design En un racó del desert de Cholistan o també conegut com Rohi (per cert que chol en llengua turquesa significa desert) trobem un dels forts més impressionants del Pakistan, el fort de Derawan. Geography. Derawar Fort: a 9th century human marvel on the verge of collapse - Pakistan - DAWN.COM. Daily Wallpaper: Derawar Fort, Pakistan | I Like To Waste My Time. Playing next. Follow. 2048 … Restoration of 11 forts in Cholistan recommended. Cholistan, a desert locally known as Rohi, once used to be home to the Hakra River. The exterior is relatively well preserved and suggests it is being looked after, alas the interior is quite run down and has suffered the ransacking of it's military past. Bahawalpur located in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Moreover, the origin of some of the archaeological sites around the fort can be traced to the Indus Valley Civilization. 30-metre-high bastions surround the fort, along with walls that span over 1.5 kilometres. See more ideas about pakistan, fort, pakistan culture. Mar 30, 2018 - Explore Rocket Tourism's board "Forts in Pakistan" on Pinterest. With bastions stretching across miles within the heart of Cholistan Desert, Derawar Fort in the Cholistan Desert features a very interesting architecture that makes it a standout attraction in the region. Choisissez parmi des contenus premium Cholistan de la plus haute qualité. Cholistan is presently inhabited by about 100,000 semi-nomads live in the desert, mostly as camel and goat herders. Completed c. 1730s, with an adjacent royal necropolis, and an archaeological site of the Indus Valley Civilization . Cholistan Desert Rally Bahawalpur Punjab Pakistan. It should be a UNESCO site. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cholistan also boasts of many old forts such as Derawar,Vingrot, Banwar, Marcot, Wilhar, Maujgharh, Mao, Phuira and Din-gharh etc. Playing next. Report. Forts. Historic Derawar fort in the Cholistan desert - Acheter cette photo libre de droit et découvrir des images similaires sur Adobe Stock Other Cholistan Forts: Islamgarh Fort: Islamgarh Fort is located deep in Cholistan near the Indian border at a distance of 150 km from Derawar Fort. The view of sun rising and sunset from the fort is just amazing. Survey report points out deterioration, occupation of sites. The massive fort towers over the surrounding semi-desert and is visible from miles around. Derawar Fort Cholistan History. The Derawar Fort is 100 Km from Bahawalpur, actually the largest and most superlatively preserved fort of Cholistan. Trouvez les Cholistan Desert images et les photos d’actualités parfaites sur Getty Images. The fort was built by Rawal Bhim Singh in 1608 A.D. Cholistan covers an area of 25,800 km 2 (10,000 sq mi) in the Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar, and Rahim Yar Khan districts of southern Punjab. Derawar Fort looks magnificent to date . These are, Derawar Fort, Islamgarh Fort, Mirgarh Fort, Jamgarh Fort, Mojgarh Fort, Marot Fort, Phoolra Fort, Khangarh Fort, Khairgarh Fort, Nawankot Fort, Bijnot Fort. Drone eye view of Fort . 30 sept. 2016 - Derawar Fort (Qila Derawar) is built by Hindu Rajput Rai Jajja Bhati of Jaisalmer in the Cholistan desert of Bahawalpur Pakistan. Cholistan Desert. Image result for forts in cholistan The Rally route has been extended to 500 kilometres in the Cholistan Desert and also includes major forts of the desert (Dingarh Fort, Marrot Fort, Khan Garh, Bhijnot Fort, Moujgarh Fort and Jamgarh Fort). Its beautiful architecture just a piece of art, every part tells its own story that takes you back in history. The walls of the fort have 1500 metres of the circumference and stand 30 metres high. While on my annual trip to Pakistan with my family I found this beautiful place on the ‘attractions near you’ search Siri pulled up for me. Pakistan The Beautiful. Pictures of Six Forts in Cholistan Bahawalpur Pakistan. 3.Baltit Fort. Jump to navigation Jump to search. English: Derawar Fort — a large masonry fortress in the Cholistan Desert near Bahawalpur. In the dry season they cluster in temporary villages around the more reliable wells (some up to 30 metres or 100 feet deep). Dirawar Fort - Cholistan, Punjab Pakistan. Apart from Derawar Fort, other strongholds in this network of forts that cuts across the Cholistan Desert include the Marotgarh Fort, the Khangarh Fort, and the Islamgarh Fort. Derawar Fort (Urdu: قِلعہ دراوڑ ‎), is a large square fortress in Ahmadpur East Tehsil, Punjab, Pakistan.Approximately 130 km south of the city of Bahawalpur, the forty bastions of Derawar are visible for many miles in the Cholistan Desert.The walls have a … Also known as the Muzaffarabad Fort, this fortress was built by the Chak rulers of Kashmir in the 16th century. Le premier fort sur ce site a été bâti par le Rajput hindou Bhati de Jaisalmer. Derawar Fort is a large square fortress in Pakistan in Bahawalpur. The fort increases the beauty of the Cholistan Desert. On the outside, it looks most impressive.

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